Small Bump.

Zayn suspects that Perrie is cheating on him with Niall because of how close they have been,however Niall knows things that Zayn cannot know yet.. Will Perries announcement make or break his world?


7. ''Theres a chance''

It was finally Friday,which I normally would have been grateful for,but not today,today was one of the worst days I had experienced yet!

Zayn was practically scrambling round the house,looking for his things,I presumed he was late for something,however I didn't even bother to ask.

My stomach pains had grew worse,and I mean ALOT worse! I'd been up half the night throwing up again,but he had no idea,I honestly didn't want him to know,it will just worry him,he's way to dramatic sometimes.

Sitting on the edge of the bed again made me want to die,clutching my stomach while it twisted and turned only made it worse,but bearable at the same time.

I forced myself to stand up,no matter how much pain i was in,obviously I can't make this to obvious until Zayn leaves,which I know was soon anyway,so I just had to contain myself a little longer.

"Are you okay?" He asked me,collecting his jacket that I left on the drawers for him.

Well,I'm not okay. I feel like someone or something is repeatedly stabbing me over and over again,and they are also squeezing my head as hard as they could,which you can probably imagine,is very painful.

"Yeah,I'm fine" I lied.

"Oh okay,I have to go!" He said,planting a quick kiss on my forehead before striding out of the room.

Finally,I didn't have to hide the pain any longer.

I exhaled all the air I had held in when Zayn was here,trying to consider whether to meet Niall or not.

I dialled his number into my phone,hoping he would answer straight away.

"Answer,please answer" I repeated,until he eventually did.

"Hey niall? I don't think I can come today! I'm so ill and I don't want to ruin your day aswell" I sighed,he had probably been looking forward to this since the last time we met.

"I knew it!" He bragged,"I knew you wasn't well! Anyway,my dads a doctor remember?"

Oh,I forgot about his dad.

"Yeah,but Zayn will just worry if I see a doctor" I admitted.

"What he doesn't know can't hurt him,now come over before I come and drag you over!" He chirped,hanging up before I could protest.

Well,I guess now I had no choice but to go.

And I had to see a doctor,great.

I was curious to see what my stomach was like now,and how I looked because I hadn't even bothered to look in a mirror this morning,let alone pick out all the flaws I withhold at the moment.

I locked myself into the bathroom,grabbing the bottom of my shirt before throwing it over my head,dropping it on the floor where it would probably stay.

My stomach was now the size of a small balloon,literally,all red and swollen,also painful to touch.

My face was also revolting.

I grabbed my makeup bag,lightly adding the makeup slowly and thin,but it wasn't working,id need quite a bit to fix this.

Finally,I felt decent enough to actually brave the outside world again,but even if nobody else could see what I really looked like,I still felt


Sheepishly,I knocked on the door to Niall's home,my hands trembling slightly.

I'd never met his father before,so I was quite concerned.

"Hey Pez!" He greeted,opening the door.

"Hey,um,I'm sorry about all the trouble" I told him,looking around the room for his dad.

"My dads in there" he informed me,pointing to the third room in the long

hallway, "I assumed you wouldn't want me in there" he laughed,pushing me forward.

I felt so physically sick I didn't want to go In anymore.

I put my right hand lightly on the door handle,looking back at Niall for reassurance,before slowly twisting it and opening the door.

"Good luck" I heard him say,before I shut the door quietly behind me.

I didn't quite expect this,his father was one of the nicest people I had ever known,and that's good considering he only spoke a sentence to me.

"Hey,you must be Perrie? Pleasure to meet you,sit down" he had said,gesturing towards the chair just across from him.

So obviously I sat,putting my trembling legs at rest.

We had been talking for a while,about how I had been feeling and any other symptoms,but what he told me literally made me feel sick,because it seemed to be the only thing I hadn't thought of.

I came out of the room again,looking for Niall frantically.

"What's wrong?" He asked,emerging

from the room across from me.

I couldn't breathe!

"Calm down" he repeated,guiding me across to the sofa in the centre of the room.

I couldn't quite take this I'm myself,let alone tell people.

"Niall,there's a chance,a big chance I could.." I stuttered,choking on my words.

"What? Tell me!" He urged,taking both my hands in his.

Every part of me was shaking,and j was experiencing some sort of a panic attack,I had to deal with this though,there is no going back.

"There's a 90% chance,I'm pregnant" I finally managed to say,the shock setting deeper and deeper inside me.

His jaw almost hit the floor and his eyes widened.

"You've got to tell zayn" he insisted,looking me deep in the eyes.

"I will,but not now,I have to be certain" I sighed,looking down at my stomach.

I knew he was right,I had

to tell him,but I can't tell him now,not for a while.


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