Small Bump.

Zayn suspects that Perrie is cheating on him with Niall because of how close they have been,however Niall knows things that Zayn cannot know yet.. Will Perries announcement make or break his world?


3. ''Meet me at the Canal''

The sun sliced right through the curtain,a sunbeam lying right across my face,causing me to squint when I first woke up.

I did it,I made it through the night without dying!

Zayn was gone,rehearsals i suppose,and the

room seemed unusually empty without his presence,but it's something I'm going to have to learn to live with,because with an upcoming tour,I expect he will be gone for months on end without seeing me.

I threw off the covers,which landed in a soft pile on the floor beside me,it was way to stuffy in here!

I tried to stand up,which seemed a good idea at first,but I soon regretted it..A shock of pain shot right through the centre of my stomach,causing me to gasp and fall forward onto the floor, and i somehow suddenly felt weak and helpless as I just lay there,curled up Into a ball holing my stomach to try and stop the pain.

Eventually,it stopped,but I still couldn't bother picking myself up from the floor! I seemed perfectly okay before I stood up,it was so sudden it actually frightened me.

A few minutes had passed,which I needed to make sure I was okay to move around.

I pulled myself off the floor,when I felt stable,and plodded along to the oak drawers to collect my cloths,which were neatly folded in a small pile.

Getting undressed again in the bedroom reminded me of last night,how zayn was so dirty and really really attractive lying there,but it was over now and I had to focus on reality.

I slid zayn's shirt over my head,dropping it on the bed beside me,which desperately needed sorting out,and looked around for where I'd put my clean shirt,which I had also put somewhere nearby.

The full length mirror seemed to catch my eye as I walked past in only my bra and panties,I looked different somehow,but I didn't exactly Understand how yet with such a small glance.

I stood there,staring at my reflection,wondering if this was what I was actually seeing right now before me! My jaw had almost literally dropped to the floor as I examined my stomach first,it seemed bloated and really puffy,which had never happened before,alongside with my eyes which were also rimmed with a line of red blotchy skin,why was this happening to me?

I sighed as I got the rest of my clothes on,hiding my stomach from anyones view,I had to also hide it from zayn! He would overreact and insist I had to see a doctor,which I wasn't particularly planning on doing considering i hate doctors and hospitals,bleurgh.

I must have been in the bathroom for a while,but at least I had hidden the majority of the unusual marks.

I checked my phone,4 missed calls from zayn,crap!

I cursed under my breath before rapidly dialling zayns number.

No answer.

Out of pure desperation I decided to ring Niall,surely he would have a brief idea of where he would be.

Me and Niall are actually really close,he's always been here for me and Id always been there for him,I knew I could rely on him for anything!

"Hello" Niall said,he seemed cheery today.

"Hey Niall I was wondering if yo-" I began,before being cut of.

"Oh hey pez,you okay?" He chirped.

"Yeah im fine,I mean I'm not actually,have you seen Zayn?" I asked,my words coming out alot faster than I intended them too.

"Wow,calm down! Zayn is with the other boys,they've gone out for a drink,do you want to come round to mine for a while?" He informed me,I loved how he always had a positive perspective on everything.

"Yeah that would be great,ill be round around two then?" I asked him,I needed this break and I loved talking to Niall.

"Two o'clock it is! Meet me at the canal" he informed me, "I've got to go,ill see you later!"

"Bye!" Was all i managed to say before he hung up,but I honestly didn't care! I couldn't wait to speak to him later.

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