Small Bump.

Zayn suspects that Perrie is cheating on him with Niall because of how close they have been,however Niall knows things that Zayn cannot know yet.. Will Perries announcement make or break his world?


6. ''Im sorry,baby''


Somehow,he managed to creep in without me noticing,but i still hadn't quite sorted out my messed up emotions.

"Baby,please" he whimpered,placing his hands firmly on my waist,which made something underneath my skin react to his touch!

Yes,I was still curled up In a ball,to be honest I had hardly moved,I still had the blanket guarding my face and my legs tucked underneath me and I still wasn't talking to him,I just ignored.

"Perrie,you don't understand how bad i feel right now" he informed me,sitting beside me on the bed.

I still didn't speak,I just lay perfectly still trying to hold back anymore tears! I couldn't cry In front of him again.

His hands tugged at my hands,so I could move the blanket which shielded my face,but I still insisted not to budge.

He stood up again,his footsteps getting distant and the door clicked open,I was about to literally burst into a waterfall of tears.

Yeah,i know I said I'd resist him in every way possible,and I know I said I wouldn't let my guard down,but what he told me next made me forgive him faster than Ive ever had before.

Everything was silent between us at first,with the odd glance at eatch other,but nothing else.

"Perrie!" I heard him say,I ignored him at again,I couldn't deal with this for much longer before I gave in.


"Perrie pleaze don't ignore me!" He pleaded.

"your the best thing that ever happened to me baby,If I lost you no doubt id loose myself,I wouldn't be able to live everyday,let alone live at all,please don't do this"

I could feel my cheeks burning up,and the smile stretching right across my face,he'd gone from an overprotected freak to a loving boyfriend in seconds.

I couldn't resist him anymore!

I slowly peeled the blanket from my tear stained face,looking at him now sitting across the room.

I pulled myself up,still looking at him through the darkness.

This time,I did go over to him,no questions asked. I sat on his lap,pressing my nose against his and closed my eyes,taking in all the emotions that were surging through me.

"I'm sorry I've not been myself" he apologised,"I can't bear the thought of not being near you for months on end,especially with the upcoming tour"

Oh yeah,the tour,I forgot about that.

"Remember though,no matter where you are,ill always be here" I whispered.

"Here?" He asked,gesturing towards his heart.

"No" I answered,raising my phone,"here!"

My voice was so croaky!

The best feeling ever is knowing that you made the love of your life laugh! He was literally in hysterics.

"Hey,I'm meeting Niall on Friday by the way" I added,thinking I should tell him when he's in a good mood.

"Okay,i don't mind" he murmured,wiping the tears of laughter away from his eyes.

The amount of relief that flew over me when he said "I don't mind" was unreal.

He looked exhausted,and I guessed i did aswell.

We sat in silence for ages,me still resting upon his lap,he hasn't spoke for a while.

I looked up at his face,and only just realised,he had fell asleep below me,his lips slightly puckered.

I giggled to myself before lying my head on his chest,closing my eyes,feeling his breath on my kneck.

These moments I wished could last forever.

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