And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


8. Chapter 7

When the Brits were over,Niall and his driver took me home.

"Now tell me about this picture"he questions me

"Do you remember Nash Dallas from school,who I am friends with?"


"Yeah well he asked me to the fun fair yesterday and I agreed to go"


"And that's all!!!"I nearly shout.

"Promise?"he says softly,

"Promise"I reply lying on his shoulder.

"Umm this is her"he tells the driver as we pull up to our apartment block,

"Okay,bye babe"I say kissing him passionately,"bye".

I wake up the next day at 4pm.I get out of bed,Put on my jeans,knitted crop top and my parka.I pop my hair up in a bun put in earrings and I'm ready.Ready for what?you ask yourself.Well Niall is buying me my mum and Jade a brand new house in the London countryside.Not too far out in the countryside closer to the city then country but not in the city.

I walk down the hall for the last time,grab a banana,and mum and I walk out to the car,I drive to give her a break.

When we get to the house we open the door.Wow is all I could think.When you walk in there is washing machine,dryer,toilet,and a sink.The next room is a fab kitchen with a breakfast bar connected into the dining room.The sitting room is across the hall.It has one triple course and 2 armchairs a stove a 60inch plasma HD tv and a chandelier.The toilet is nice as well:P we walk upstairs.I get the biggest room.Theres a king sized bed and a slide wardrobe and that all.Niall knows I like to design things myself.the room across the hall is Jades room.Its big but my room is bigger.then down the hall from that is mums room.Then upstairs again!is the games and fitness room and our very own INDOOR SWIMMING POOL!!!and SAUNA!!

Outside there decking and a big pool with sunbeds around them.Niall really really stepped up his game.I wonder why???

Nialls POV

Why am I scared about the pictures of Nash and Quinn,I mean,she wouldn't cheat on me,would she? I give her a call to talk it out with her.

" Hey Quinny "

"Why hello Niall how are you? "

" good,What are you at? "

" I'm with Nash,what about you?"

Nash when I hear Nash I just explode

" Your with Nash!"I spit

" Umm yeah do you have a problem with that? "

" Hell yeah,I have a freakin problem with that!"

" what problem? "

" Well he obviously likes you and I know yere going to kiss whether you want to or not I know it!"I shout

"Niall calm down we haven't kissed"

"Q,Do even know what could happen if a pap snapped you with him?"

"Yes sorry I forgot sometimes I just want to be normal not thrown in the fucking spotlight all the time I'm not even special"

"You are special"

I hear Nash's voice in the background saying,"I'll be back in 10 just Poppin back home getting my PJ's"


"Yes he is"

"That's it don't call me text me were done"

"Niall you don't understand"

"I don't wanna hear it Q don't talk to me,I don't even want to see you!" I spit and hang up.

"Fuck,Fuck ,fuck my life"I say banging my hand of the table.

I take a sharp blade out of the press.I scrape the blade up my arm.As soon as I've done it I regret it.I dial Liam's number,

"Hey Niall ya alright mate?"

"Umm no can you please come over"I saw through crying

"Yeah I'll be right there"

Liam is here 5 minutes later,

"Niall what are you doing!!"he shouts worryingly,

"SHE CHEATED LIAM!"I cry from the ground.

"Shhh it's okay we'll get you cleaned up and we'll watch the game yea?" He kindly suggests,"yeah"I say getting up from the ground.

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