And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


7. Chapter 6

*1 year later*

"Mum can I go to the brit awards with Niall tomorrow?"I shout upstairs.Mum is used of me going to awards,interviews and concerts.I am famous now.I said I never wanted to be famous but I kind of like it,it's alright."Yes Hun"she shouts from upstairs.I text Lou,Niall's stylist,to tell her I'll be attending the awards.She'll have to get a dress and accessories for me.She text me back and told me to be at the boys apartment at 2pm tomorrow.

Nialls bandmates,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson,Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are are so lovely and they all get along so well.Niall and I are better then ever and all his fans are calling us "Ninn",that's make me laugh.I do get hate.A lot of it,but there is some fans that support us.Niall is currently at the doctor.He has a really bad back pain that's been going on for a while now but he's okay.

I get a text from my friend Nash,Asking me to meet him at the fun fair in 10 minutes."Mum I'm going out for a while" "okay babe see ya soon"she shouts down at me.

I make it to the park pull up my hood and out on my sunglasses,just incase there's any Papz around."hey Nash"I says giving him a big hug,I haven't seen him in 3 months as he's like my best friend,"Hey Quinny,how are u babe?"he asks,"good,I miss you so much","yea same,I wish you were around more,how are you and Niall doing?" "Good,very good,I'm going to the Brits tomorrow night!"I say excitedly,"that's great have fun"he says sounding happy for me.

After Nash and I go in like every ride a go home and put on the bath.I grab my products from LUSH and the bath suddenly becomes all bubbly.I step in the bath when my phone rings,Thank God I can reach it.

"Niall Horan". "Quinn Fabray" "Are you ok?"I ask,"yes,But all the boys are bringing there girlfriends over tonight,and I was wondering if my princess would like to join?" "Why,it would be a pleasure" "great see you soon Babe" he says and make kissy noises into the phone.I hop out of the bath,dry off put some clothes in the bag say goodbye to mum and Jade then head out the door and drive to Niall's.

As I pull up the drive I see Niall sitting out on the porch in the pouring rain.As I get out of the car I shout,"Niall what the hell are you doing out here!" "Waiting for you obviously"he shouts back.I run up to the porch and into the house.

"Hello"all the boys says at once,"hey guys"I reply,"Wanna come see what I'm going to wear tomorrow night?"Niall asks me,"Okay"I say.He picks me up bridal style and runs up to his room."They're sick"Harry teases,Harry doesn't have a girlfriend.

We reach Nialls room and he finally sits me down on the bed.He takes Black jeans,a Black t shirt and black leather jacket out of his closet."so do you like it" "yeah it's sexy"I say biting my lip,"really?"he says raising one eyebrow,"yes surprisingly"I giggle and lay down on the bed,Niall lays beside me and wraps his arms around me."Nothing's as sexy as you though"he whispers into my ear,"Shut up"I say back.I soon dose off in his arms.

I wake up at 11am,Niall is still asleep.I put on his hoodie and my sweatpants and walk downstairs.I see Harry is up making breakfast."mmm something smells nice"I tell him,"thank you Quinn,You and Niall didn't come downstairs after you came at 9pm,have anything to explain??"he says in a American accent."We didn't do anything"I fire back,"just making sure"he winks."So what are you making?"I ask him,"Pancakes and rashers with maple syrup"he replies proudly, "Ooohhh sounds good"I say with a smile on my face."Nialls crazy about you,ya know" "I know" "he really loves you"."Who really loves who?"I hear Nialls voice coming down the hall,"I really love food"Harry replies back to him.Niall laughs,Oh his laugh,I love him.

*skip to the Brits* I ride in a taxi with Niall.I'm wearing a pink skater dress that comes half way down my thigh,Nude heels and a big flower crown headband.Niall is wearing what he showed me yesterday.We get out of the taxi and straight away people are shouting our names.Niall and I intwine our fingers and put smiles on our faces because everyone is taking pictures of us.We get pulled over by a few interviewers and the we get pulled over by CAPITAL FM.They ask us all these questions,then ask me about 'the pictures'.what pictures?."And Quinn what's up with these pictures?can you explain?" The interviewer asks,"What-what pictures?"Niall and I both ask confused."You might want to check capitals twitter page.

Niall and I are brought to our table which is with the other four lads and there girls."do you know about these pictures?"he asks me,"No I'll check them now"

I google my name,and the first thing I see is,

QUINN FARELL CHEATS ON NIALL HORAN WITH SCHOOL FRIEND NASH DALLAS. What?i didn't cheat on Niall?there want any Papz around?i hope Niall knows that I wouldn't cheat on him."what?the heck!!"I mutter,"show me"Niall insists,so I do."What-what is this?"he asks utterly confused."Niall I swear I'm not cheating on you"I say meaning it with all my heart,"Well talk after the show lets just enjoy the night and If anyone asks anything just says we're okay"he says coldly.Then the show begins.

A/N hope you enjoy it,Comment what you think of the book,I will update tomorrow xx💕

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