And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


5. Chapter 5

I wake up and Niall's already up and about."hello sleeping beauty"he says,"hey,what-what time it?"I ask sleepily,"2:30","What!!!Niall we need to get shopping!!!!"I scream,not angrily excitedly,"Woahhh okay call down ahaha" and we both laugh.I look into my suitcase,it's cold outside so I decide to wear my black jeans,black string top and a chunky black and cream knitted cardigan,to finish of the look I put on my black doc martens.I comb my hair and put a braid at the front.Then I apply my Urban Decay light foundation,Brown eyeliner,Black mascara,Pink blush and a nude lip.When I walk out of the bedroom Niall is dressed.He is wearing black jeans,a maroon t-shirt,a grey and black baseball jacket and white hi-tops.His hair is quiffed to perfection just how I like it."You ready?"he asks,"yup"I reply and we walk out of the room.

"When is your mum coming over?"he asks,"Tomorrow I think.....what about Maura?" "She'll probably come over tomorrow with your mum" "oh yeah"I agree."Are you going to keep it?"he asks,"keep what?"then I remember about the baby,"the baby"he reminds me,"oh am I going to keep it?"I repeat what he said,"why do you think I should do?"I ask him,"I don't know,if you wanted to id help you raise it but your really young,I just want you to be happy"he says.A girl come running up to us and asks Niall for his autograph because she saw him at his audition and he was amazing she said."Thank you"the young girl says to Niall who is in complete shock,"no problem"he replies with a smile and the girl ran off."what was that!!!"I scream excitedly,"wow"is all Niall can manage to say.we walk for another 10 minutes when in distance we see a huge shopping centre.It was 3pm now.

We went into all the shops we wanted to go to.Topshop,Topman,Primark,MAC,Burtons,River Island,New Look,schuch,Hollister,Free People,Adida,Nike,Doc Marten,Ugg,H&M and Forver21.I spent,£600,Niall spent £1000,since he had to stay here a while.

We got back to the hotel it was now 6pm and I was starving,I didn't eat anything because Niall said he had made dinner arrangements for us at 8pm at Jamie Oliver's Italian.Italian is my favourite food,Niall remembered that."I love you Quinn" he said out of the blue,"I love you Niall",I reply.I knew what I was going to wear later,I was wearing the strapless Baby blue denim dress with white strips and white short sleeve cardigan and Brown leather boots all from River Island.I lay down on the bed beside Niall."Like so much"he said kissing me on the cheek.I kissed him on the lips.We kissed for about 5 minutes until his phone rang.He answered it and it was a guy from the X factor crew."I made it Through to the live shows I'm in a band with 4 other lads who I'm meeting tomorrow,I'm in the final 12!!!"he screams with excitement,"that's great hunny!"I says hugging him.Niall has to meet these guys tomorrow,he invited me with his so in going.My mom Jade and Maura are all coming over tomorrow morning.Mom Told Jade about the baby and she said Jade is fine about it all.I wonder has Niall told Maura? "Niall Love?"I ask,"yes?" "Have you told you mother about the baby??" "Yeah" "why haven't you told me what she said?" I ask clearly confused,"because I didn't want to upset you"he mutters,"what?" "She said I was a little prick for ruining your life and I'm never aloud to return to her house ever again" "wow,But you can stay with us if you like?" "thanks,Quinn I did ruin your life and I'm sorry!"he exclaims,"No you didn't Niall,I didn't refuse to sleep with you" "Yeah but you were drunk!"he shouts."I KNOW NIALL SO WERE YOU"I shout back,"I HAD 2 DRINKS QUINN!" "What?" "I wasn't totally drunk"he replies,"you-wait you did it to me without me being sober?" "I wasn't too sober either"he fights back, "Let's just forget about who's was sober or not I'm pregnant and I can't change that"I reply,he nods in agreement and we both go get changed.

When we are ready,we walk to the canal docs and we get a boat down the canal because that's where the restaurant is situated.Niall and I are the only people on the boat.So we talk and take pictures."Where are we meeting the 4 guys tomorrow?" I ask,"Starbucks at 2pm"he replies,"Oh will it be awkward?" "Hopefully not hopefully well click straight away","You do know I'll have to go back soon with being pregnant and all"I remind him,"I thought you'd stay here and have the baby here"he suggests, "I can't Niall I have to go home with my family and Friends","I'm family aren't I?" "Yes but I'm the one who the baby will come out of aren't i?"I fight back,"Ooohh fine then"he says coldly.

We finally arrive at the restaurant,we wait for a waiter to bring us to our table,"Ahh Mr and Mrs Horan"he says,"That's us"Niall replies winking at me,"right this way"he says,leading us to a beautifully set table Niall pulls out me seat so I sit down and he pushes me in again,then he sits down.I order the kiddys Pizza with pepperoni and Niall orders a lasagne portion.We both get Pepsi's."I booked you a scan"says Niall,"Thanks I didnt even think of that shit","luckily you have such an amazing boyfriend who thought of it then eh?"cheekily fires back at me,"hmmm"I reply.Soon later out food arrives which is Devine.When I finish Niall takes of his Wallet to pay,"You're not paying it all" I insist,"yes I am","No way Niall"I say seriously,Handing a £20 note to the waiter as the meal was £30,I walk outside and Niall soon joins me.The sun is just set and there's a slight breeze through the dark air.

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