And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


4. Chapter 4

Quinn's POV

Niall and I get a train into the city because our hotel is right in the middle of the city.We reach our hotel it's really nice so I check in.

We walk up to the room and lay on the bed."Hwo about we go to the beach!"I suggest,"Ya ya ya!" says like a 5 year old and runs over and sits in my lap,"AHHH the monsters attacking me!!"I scream in a baby voice,"But the monster turns I to a prince and saves the beach baby"Niall says whilst hopping off my lap."I'm just going to put on my bikini and dress in the bathroom you put your shorts on here"I explain,"why not together?" I give him a death stare."Sorry"he says and I walk into the bathroom shacking my head.I put on my Lightning blue bikini and my white strapless dress.I take of my make up and pop my hair up in a messy bun.I come out if the bathroom and Niall is sitting on the bed waiting.I grab my brown leather gladiator sandals and my brown leather handbag stick my phone sunglasses and purse in and Were off.

We decide to walk to the nearby beach it's very hot 28`c,and the beach is very busy.Niall and I walk to the very end of the neck where it's just us.I take of my sandals and dress.Niall whistles and I take the dress of but I tell him to shut up."do you want a piggy back?"he asks,"Ya!!!but be careful I could break your back" "really shut up"he says before taking me onto his shoulder!i thought if was a piggy back!He runs into the water with me on his shoulders.When the water is up to his waist he let's be down because up to his waist is up to my ribcage.I'm small:(I wrap my hand around his neck and kiss him.We kissed for 3 minutes until I hear my phone belting out my ringtone "she looks so perfect" by 5sos,I sprint out of the water and it's the doctor,"DOCTOR"I shout to Niall who then gives me a thumbs us and swims in the water.

"Hello"I say into the speaker "Hello is this Miss Quinn Farell?"she asks, "Yes,Speaking" "Okay Quinn your results have come back and we have went over them about 100 times,it seems your pregnant congrats"he announces.I can feel the tears coming down my face and me just freezing on the spot.Then I remember that the doctors on the phone,"oh um ya thank you" "umm okay bye"she says and I hang up.I fall on me knees and burry my head into my hands and just start crying,"Quinn"Niall shouts out of the water and come running over to me,"Quinn what wrong?"he asks and puts his hand in my shoulder,I lift my face from my hands and just fall back onto the floor balling my eyes out crying,"Quinn are are you alright?" I nod my head,"Quinn what's wrong talk to me"At Thai stage he's nearly crying! "NIALL IM PREGNANT!" I say,"oh my god"he whispers,I keep crying,he hugs me tightly then whispers in my ear,"it's gonna be alright" and we hug even tighter. "My moms going to hate me"I say,"she won't Q,I know she won't" " when should I tell her?" "Not over the phone anyway but then your going home before me" "can I please stay with you,I'll get them to come over our families?"I suggest,"we'll ask we'll ask"he says."can we go back to the hotel?"I ask him,"sure"he says he helps me pack my thing in then we walk hand in hand down the beach and back to the hotel."I had planned to go for dinner but we'll go another night" "yea I'd just like some time to think" I said,"You know I'll stay by your side"he confirms,"I know promise you will because I can't do this alone" "promise" he says."I'm only 16,I'm a young teenager I have my own life ahead of me I'm a child,I'm a baby"I crie out into his shoulder,"it's okay you know why?"he says,"why?" "Because I'm 16 and 16+16 makes 32 so were 32,a 32 can raise a child" I can't help but laugh."Everyone's going to think I'm a whore"I cry even harder,"They won't,I promise they won't,because every human being is wiser than that" "thanks"I say.

I go to my suitcase and pull out my pjs and a hoodie I put them on them lie down on the bed."Niall should I just tell her over the phone?" "I don't know,maybe you should just get it over with." "Yeah that what I thought"I agree,so I pull out my phone and call her.......

"Hello mum" "hello sweety how's London?" "It's good". "How did they audition go?" "Good he's through to the next round so we'll have to extended the trip" "Oh". "But we were hoping that our families could come over like you Jade and Maura?" "I'll say that to Maura" "Mum,can I tell you something???" "Sure love". "Promise you'll understand and don't get angry?" "Promise". "Okay ummm I'm sorry for telling you over the phone......I'm pregnant" there about and 30 seconds silence on the phone then I hear sobs in the background then I start to cry,"I'm sorry I'm so sorry"I says through sobs,"it's going to be okay honey it's going to be alright" "I'm sorry"I keep saying,"don't be sorry love it's not your fault everything happens for a reason and I'm here for you every step of the way does Maura know?" "No he hasn't told her" "okay" "I have to go now mum but I'll ring you tomorrow okay?" "Okay love don't be upset I love you bye" "bye bye"

When I get off the phone Niall says that he'll ring Maura in the Morining.Its 12pm and I drift of in Nialls Arms

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