And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


2. Chapter 2

When I wake up I check the time 1:33pm.Wow I never lie on this late!I walk down into the kitchen and I see my mum getting ready to go out and Jade watching Sam & Cat."Morning Hunny,What would you like for breakfast?"asks my mum,"Ummm I'm not hungry"I say,"Quinn love you have to be hungry" "nah" "Fine"she replies sourly.I join in watching Sam & Cat with Jade.

At 2pm Sam and Cat was over.Niall was coming over at 3.I hopped in the shower and washed my hair.When I dried off I plugged in the hair dryer and curling wand.I looked at what I had in my wardrobe.I wore a white skater dress that came just above my knee with a black and white knitted cardigan.I wore my black doc marten with white socks that came above the top of the boot.Then for I dried it off and curled the ends and placed a pin at the side.I put on a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara then walked downstairs."You know your babysitting me not bringing me for dinner!"she said sarcastically,"Yes I know Jade,now get out of you pjs and put on something nice like jeans and a jumper or something" "Okie dokie"she replies.I have a good relationship with my sister.There a 3 year age gap but it seems like less."Okay honey I'm off have a great time in London"mum says and kisses me on the cheek."thanks mum I will,bye mum"I say as she walks out the door.10 minutes later Niall knocks at the door.I spring off the couch and sprint to the door."Why hello there"I say "hello princess"he says giving me a small kiss on the lips."Your looking very nice today"he compliments me."You don't look too bad yourself"u cheekily replie.We walk into the sitting room,and Jade is sitting in the couch watching Shake it up."hey Jade"says Niall,"hello"she replies."do ye wanna go to the movies???"I ask"Ya please!"replies Jade,"What shall we see?"I question,"The fault in our stars"says Niall,Jade and I nod in agreement.So we lock walk out of the apartment making sure it's locked.The movies was just a 5 minute walk from the apartment.

We got our tickets for the movie.Jade and I shared a large popcorn,and Niall got his own large popcorn because he niall.The movie went in for two hours and I cried so much.

It was now 5:30,We decided to take the bus into the shopping centre so Niall and I can get a few bits for tomorrow.First we go to Hollister.Niall bought these lovely navy shorts and a baby blue tshirt to match.Niall bought me a white dress and a bikini I picked out.Next we went to Topshop where Jade ended up getting these jeans she wanted,I bought 2 crop tops and high waited jeans.Niall wanted to look in Topman where I bought him a shirt he liked and quite fancy one actually!Jade and I went to MAC and Urban Decay to get the make-up we needed.Last but not least we went to Schuch,Niall bought all white converse,I got converse as well but I got the American flag printed ones and I also picked up a pair of pink dip dyed TOMS.After all the shopping we went to nandos.Jade bumped into a few friends so they sat on there own which gave Niall and I some time alone. (N Niall Q Quinn)

N:I'm really nervous

Q:that's normal babe it's a huge audition!

N:Yeah but I already know I'm not good enough

Q:yes you are Nialler I believe in you isn't that enough?

N:*grabs Quinns hand* yes,yes it is

Q:Your so focused on being remembered,about being special!

N:don't get mad!

Q:I'm not mad Niall but your special to me isn't that enough??

N:your right*kisses Quinn*

Q:I can't believe we're going to London together 4 days of just me and you

N:yeah it'll be amazing

N:Quinn?you do know if this while singing thing were to work out I could be gone a lot

Q:I know and I would probably be in the spotlight being your girlfriend and all

N:But you wouldn't mind?

Q:No but I don't want to be like followed around everywhere

N:I'll make sure of it. (End of convo back to Quinns POV)

I begin to feel really sick,"Um sorry Niall I feel like I'm going to throw up,I run into the toilets.I begin to just puke and puke Ives felt like this everyday for the past like 2 months.When I'm ready I go back and join Niall.

"Baby are you okay?"he asks worryingly "Yeah I just threw up a little" "Do you want to leave?" "Yes please".We go over to Jade and tell that we were leaving so she said goodbye to her friends and we head of to the bus station.

As soon as we get home it's 10pm,Jade decides to go to bed."Night love"Niall says giving her a hug,"Night babes I'll see ya in 4 days" "see ya,and good luck in your audition Niall" "thank you Jade" he says and she walks down the hall into her bedroom.

"Niall?"I say softly "yes?" "Do you umm think that I'm ummm aaa fat?"I ask insecurely,"what no I think your beautiful"he says and kisses me on the forehead."Thanks but today I had to get a sized medium dress and 2 months ago I got a small!"I exclaim,"Listen here princess,We all put on wait sometime or another and maybe now you are it doesn't mean you fat" "thank Niall"I say and we cuddle up in the couch.I drift of in his arms.

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