Amnesia//ashton irwin fan fic

Abby is a girl that gets bullied at school and has a abusive father. On top of all that her mom is in the hospital barely living with cancer. What happens when she just can't take it anymore and runs away after her mom dies. Will she run into someone who will change her life? Read to find out.


2. School

As I walked into school everyone gave me looks and I can tell they were talking about me. Then the queen of all bitches walked over her names Linda and she's the most popular girl in school. Unlike me everyone respects and loves her. I tried ignoring her but she just pulled me into the bathroom and started calling me names and beating me. Kinda like how it is at home. When she was finally done I decided to skip school for today and go home. Hopefully the devil I call my dad wasn't home.

I walked into the house quietly and heard footsteps. Great he Is home I said quietly to myself. He came running down the stairs and yelled WTF ARE YOU DOING HOME THIS EARLY! I didn't know what to say because he wouldn't care if Linda was beating me he does the same thing so I just said I felt sick and the nurse sent me home. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Oh no not this again please dad I'll go back to school. Nope you had your chance and before I knew it the knife was up to my wrist and I felt dizzy and just blacked out......

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