Amnesia//ashton irwin fan fic

Abby is a girl that gets bullied at school and has a abusive father. On top of all that her mom is in the hospital barely living with cancer. What happens when she just can't take it anymore and runs away after her mom dies. Will she run into someone who will change her life? Read to find out.


4. mom

On my way home I got a call from the hospital saying my mom was in the worst shape she had ever been in. I rushed to the hospital without caring if my dad caught me. When I got there I asked for the room number and ran to her room. As I walked in I saw my mom sitting there pale as a ghost pretty much but still looking beautiful as always. I took her hand and keep whispering she won't die she's the strongest person I know. But as I said that all I heard was a loud beep and that's it she was gone. I had to go through this with my only friends but now my mother also? I couldn't take it anymore I drove home and ran up to my room and cracked my mirror and ripped out a piece of glass. I started cutting my wrist and thighs I didn't want to be here anymore but I stopped because I knew my mom and Brooke (best friend that died) wouldn't want this. I started remembering all the memories from when me and my mom were the closest. But then one horrible one came back to me...


Moms p.o.v

Abby I need to tell you something very important. I have lung cancer. I should have told you earlier but I didn't think you were ready to know.

Abby's p.o.v

I can't believe what I just heard. My mom has lung cancer. And then right in front of me she fell to the ground.

•flashback over•

I started crying and cut one more time down my arm and put the blade under my bed.

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