Amnesia//ashton irwin fan fic

Abby is a girl that gets bullied at school and has a abusive father. On top of all that her mom is in the hospital barely living with cancer. What happens when she just can't take it anymore and runs away after her mom dies. Will she run into someone who will change her life? Read to find out.


5. Here we go Again

I feel asleep last night by crying and cutting. I woke up to my dad screaming for me to get up and get him a beer so that what I did. ABBY GET YOUR FAT ASS DOWN HERE AND GET ME MY BEER OR YOUR GETTING A BEATING!!!

Abby's p.o.v

I just wish I had a normal life with a normal dad that loved me and a still alive mother but I guess things don't always go your way right? After getting his beer I went to the bathroom took a shower and then cut. I put the words slut, bitch and worthless on my thighs. After that I decided that I'm going to run away. I don want anymore beatings...I just don't want my dad in my life anymore! So u started packing my stuff which was barely anything just two shirts and two pares of pants. I also had a few things from my mom that I saved so I also packed that. Well good bye hell hole......

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