Amnesia//ashton irwin fan fic

Abby is a girl that gets bullied at school and has a abusive father. On top of all that her mom is in the hospital barely living with cancer. What happens when she just can't take it anymore and runs away after her mom dies. Will she run into someone who will change her life? Read to find out.


1. Abby

I stared into the shattered mirror at my appearance and started getting ready for that hell hole I call school. Oh ya I forgot to tell u who I am. My name is Abby I hate school, I have no friends, my mom is dying and, I have a abusive father, and my only friend died last year in a car crash. I have long brown hair and I'm pretty tall but my best friend used to tell me I was the skinniest person she knew but I don't think I'm skinny at all. Well time for school.

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