5sos imagines



2. How you and Luke meet

Luke was at another concert. He was about to sing their newest song. He started to sing.

"You're the one who keeps me up at night, you're the one who turns on the light, but without you the skies are grey. And without you the clouds are here to stay."

You smile. This song spoke to you. You look up to see Luke, staring down at you. singing the song to you. You giggle. Humming the song you slightly dance around. After it was over the boys had to leave so one direction could come on. You think the screaming girls have pierced your eardrums.

You stand up and push your way through the crowd to the halls with the bathrooms. You do your business and you wander a bit. You end up getting lost and you decide to just hangout where you are. The only sensible thing. You put in your music and sit in the hallway. Little did you know you were around the corner from the dressing rooms and Luke had seen you.

The boys were trying to convince him to go talk to you. He was extremely nervous however. When he walked up to you, you looked up at him.

"Oh god, am I not supposed to be here?" You ask. "I'm sorry" you get up to leave and start walking away, but Luke grabs your hand.

"Actually I was coming to see if you wanted to hangout with us?" He asked nervously.

You hung out all night and he gave you a kiss on the cheek when you had to leave.


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