5sos imagines


4. He gets in a fight to protect you

Ashton: "What are you doing!" He yelled over the loud music at sleazy guy who had managed to corner you. "Get off my girl!" he yelled pulling the dude off you and shoving him. The guy shoved Ashton back and next thing you knew punches were being throwing and two other guys had joined in, against Ashton. "Ash!" you screamed watching as he got hit a few times. Soon enough the bouncers of the club got a hold of the men attacking your boyfriend, shoving them out of the club. You grabbed a hod of Ashton's hands and pulled him into the bathroom. Locking the door and sitting him on the sink. "Baby, you're all beat up" you cried. His face was bloody and puffy. "He was going to hurt you" Ashton said pulling you between his legs. You looked up at him. "I love you" you told him and he smiled. "I love you too and I would get my ass kicked for you a thousand times if I had to" he laughed his famous laugh and you giggled wiping blood off his face, "You're an idiot but your my idiot."

Calum:  "Leave me alone!" you yelled shoving your ex boyfriend away from you in the middle of the parking lot. He was harassing you. "You little slut" he growled at you, grabbing your wrist and yanking you back to him. "You're hurting me!" you cried trying to escape. "Hey man, leave her alone" a boy with dark hair and a australian accent yelled at you ex walking towards you. "Back off kid" your ex barked at him, trying to shove you into his car. You locked eyes with the boy pleading for his help, tears streaming down your face. "I don't think so asshole" the boy ripped him off of you throwing him against the hood of his car. punching him directly in the nose. "You broke my nose!" your ex yelled trying to regain his balance pushing himself off the car. "Come on" the boy took your hand and ran "My car is over there" he told you clicking the unlock button as you ran up. You both got in his car and he locked the doors, speeding past your ex who was still raging. "Where do you like?" You told him the directions, the ride was mostly silent until he asked your name. Once you had stopped in front of your house he turned off the engine turning to look at you when you noticed his bloody knuckles. "Come inside? I'll fix you up" you nodded in the direction of his wound. He smiled, rolling his eyes, "sure". He stood leaning against the kitchen counter where you were washing off the blood and applying bandages, he winced a little. "You didn't need to do that you know" you said quietly. "Now you're hurt and its all my fault" you couldn't make eye contact. "Hey, look at me. Its not your fault, I couldn't just stand there and let a beautiful girl like you get hurt by some jerk" he smiled and you blushed

I'm only doing 2/4 on this one sorry:(

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