The 17 year old Levana, is born and raised in the hinterlands. Her whole life she´s been trained and prepared for the alpha position in the Haenna pack. But as the soon to be alpha, she is forced to hold all here emotional feelings deep buried. Especially when it comes to here pack.
Which sometimes feels like a too heavy burden.

You must be harder, and stronger, and tougher.
Because the first one to kill is true love. !

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3. Chapter 2


The pack

Chapter 1

I could feel my consciousness pulling me. Guiding me through the dense fog that has settled over me. The feeling of the hard mattress under me, the sun on my face, creating a warm light behind my closed eyelids,and the warmth of my blanket, coming more and more into character.     I wrinkled my nose in displeasure. But curious, I stuck my foot out of the carpet's comfortable embrace. But the cold air outside of the carpet's defense, was not something I was too busy getting out in. And pulled it right back. No way.!  I thought, as I buried myself deeper into the blanket. I was far from what you might call a morning person. ! 

And definitely had no desire of leaving my bed, but i was well aware, that I had no choice in the matter. I already heard Rosalie enter the kitchen door, and caught the irresistible scent of freshly brewed coffee. 

Rosalie is what i refer to as my better half, and we have been inseparable since the first time we met. Ro has always come and gone in the house as it suits her and is considered as family by everyone in the house.

I sighed heavily by the thought of already being forced out of my bed. However my body would not really get up, and since I didn't have a wish to start my day already, that was all the persuasion i needed to stay right where I was. So I stuck my head up and looked around the room, and could not resist laughing. Perhaps there were something about it, when Rosalie came with her irritating preaching about how empty and impersonal I had decorated myself.  And the thought occurred to me that maybe she was right, not that she would ever hear me admit it.!

My room is in alright size, with the necessary content. As my bed, with a small bedside table, a floor long mirror - which I hardly ever use,since I can not stand what it reflects. an old chair in the corner and my dresser which contains the small selection of clothes I own. which is always put neatly in their own pile. And the books i had managed to sneak into my room from Keegan's library.But most of all, it functioned as a target for my aggression, when Oriana was too much.

 All the furnitures is in dark wood, framed by white stone walls and a dark wooden floor. And a single large window in the end wall. to let the sun light in, with an amazing view to the forest.

I always find peace in being able to see the forest when I am too trapped in the house. And especially at night when the memories keep me awake, it is comfortable to be able to sit in the window. And feel the night breeze toss around like a little kid looking for someone to participate in its own little game of tag. And watch the bright stars so clearly on the black sky, almost as if they are telling their own story. Just for you. It takes a bit of the grief and loneliness..

couldn't help but smile by the thought. But again, this is just one of the many things I have to keep to myself ... I do not want to show that side of myself..

I cant..

As a candidate for Alpha's successor, I am forced to keep all emotions tied when it comes to my pack. Feelings is your biggest weakness, and if you are weak you are out. You must be harder, stronger and tougher. That is the way of the Haenna pack. Which sometimes seemed like an endless burden. And a somewhat impossible task when it came to Rosalie and Zerbarrin.


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