The 17 year old Levana, is born and raised in the hinterlands. Her whole life she´s been trained and prepared for the alpha position in the Haenna pack. But as the soon to be alpha, she is forced to hold all here emotional feelings deep buried. Especially when it comes to here pack.
Which sometimes feels like a too heavy burden.

You must be harder, and stronger, and tougher.
Because the first one to kill is true love. !

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2. Chapter 1





The rush. Adrenalin. The kick. She loved everything about it.

The full control over every muscle, over her self and the speed. She loved to see how the dust was abruptly whipped up to fiery little clouds, when she made a sharp turn. The terrain strokes by in such a speed it almost seemed staggering. She lived in the moment, felt the minute, and enjoyed every second. She was her. She was in here true element. All rules and concerns were far behind her. Didn't care about anything else, while she was shooting over the ground with the cold night wind whipping hard against here face.

She could feel her heart pounding hard in the chest, and the quiver of the muscles. But it only made here push even more.  

She thought of nothing else then the all consuming feel of being a live. High on the adrenaline that pumped through her oar, she breathed deeply in the scent. And smiled at the pleasure of the hunt. other competitors could just bring it on. They could just try and challenge her. She would win. she would destroy them all. Of course.. She was unbeatable, Immortal, She was....

>>Levana <<

The sharp voice interrupted her thoughts, and broke her rush of freedom. She was brought back to reality, and she cursed the person behind the voice.

>> What is it, Baalh ? << She half snarled back. 

>> What is it ? Tell me, is your head full of brain-eating maggots !? <<

She growled deeply annoyed, but reluctantly obeyed. Lick´t her lips, and let her orange little friend disappear further into the forest. She followed it with her eyes until it was only the little white spot on it´s bushy tail that was visible in the distance. 

>> No need to be such a stiff ! We were just playing around, it´s not exactly because it´s my favorite food << She laughed back.

>> Stick to the damn routes i give you, and stay away from the borders ! <<

>> Yes sir ! All you command my noble alpha. << She responded back in the most honeyed tone she possibly could perform. And hoped he could hear the sarcasm simmer behind...


Later when she slammed the front door behind her, and was marching up the wooden staircases that curved up towards the first floor. She saw Oriana at the end, posing as if she were imagining here self in the bright spotlight at the end of a catwalk. 

>> Leva, Leva, Leva << Oriana sighed dramatically 

>> Of course I am aware, that I am the perfect and most perfect candidate when it comes to the selection, I mean, just look at me. << Smiled Oriana. As she smoothly stretch, looking like a bored arrogant little kitten. Aware that it has just had the most milk. The rage welled up in Levana, and gave a tremendous urge to strangle her in every drop.

>> And between you and me, dear sister. Who will have an uncontrollable mate like you. But I wish, however. That bit of competition you could achieve if you tried. But from what i heard of Bhaal´s long plague, I would say for sure you fucked it up. << Laughed Oriana with her bubbly laughter, well pleased with herself.

Levana gasped dramatically. >> With so split ends you can´t be entirely perfect my sweet Ori << she sneered sarcastically. But Oriana clearly did´n hear the sarcasm. She horrified grabbed one of her long golden blonde locks, squeezed her eyes studying it as if she were a surgeon in the middle of a delicate operation. Levana could not hold back, and burst out laughing over the horror that was painted in her sister's face. Then Oriana immediately caught the sarcasm and let out a long sigh. Tossed her hair, turned and wriggled into her room. 

She cursed Oriana in the back of her mind, and went strait to her own room down the hall. Slammed the door and irritated kicked the dresser. And threw herself heavily on the chair, how someone could be so superficial and selfish she just couldn't bring herself to understand !

She rolled her eyes and caught her own reflection in the mirror. Although they were twins, there was no similarity between them. She confirmed with a reassuring nod to the reflection looking back at here. Thank good ! And a little smile came across her face. However, they were both tall and slender, Oriana was just slim, where she had visible muscles, from her tough combat training. Her skin always had a touch of a summer glow, where Oriana´s was milky white. And most of all looked like fine porcelain. She had long, thick wavy hair, where her sister had long smooth golden locks. They both had big eyes and full lips. But where Oriana had light blue eyes, she had grown up with one green and one yellow. A distant memory from her childhood pressed forward.

She remembered one day, she came running into the library to Keegan. Sobbing and tears flowing down her small cheeks, she had thrown herself into his arms. No matter where she went in the village, she had always been met with suspicious glances. And the few people who had, had the courage to ask her, She had no answer for. And when she had finally gotten here emotions under control in her father's arms, she asked why she was so different. He had just looked down at her, patted her head slightly and said. "The animal is strong in you my girl" But it had only made ​​her more confused.

She once again focused on her own reflection. Keegan had always said she was his best creation, and always trained her to her limits. And when it felt as though she was on the verge of death, and he was pleased with her ​​presentation, he had always whispered in her ear that she was something special. But for her. The yellow eye was a constant reminder of the monster lurking in her ...  

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