The legend of the purple bra

Winklewonks. Everyone loves winklewonks, so woll she earn her purple bra or qill it be the end for her?


1. the onlwwo

I will never forget the night it happened. It was a(n) winkle wonk night, and I was relaxing upstairs with my your mum, a good book and my faithful zainub, your mom. Suddenly there was a loud moaning. I sprang to my feet and crept downstairs, trying to be as lovely as I could. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. Suddenly I heard the moaning again, but this time it was much more wonkwinkle and I knew it was coming from the basement. Summoning my courage, I grabbed a flashlight and strode fastly down the stairs. I might have met my end right there, if not for your mom, who let out a loud "BOOMCHIKAPOWPOW!" Startled, I jumped instantly to the side just in time to avoid a long gooey appendage. I turned my flashlight on the intruder and gasped in horror. Lurking there in my basement, bathed in the scary glow of my light, was a huge, quivering, shapeless blob of ooze! The hideous thing was as puke colour as a your mum and as big as a(n) fat josephine . "BAZINGSA!" I cried. I fled promptly upstairs, but the thing chased me with lightning speed. I was trapped, and knew I had to fight if I wanted to survive. First I tried to chop it with a sharp zainubs toothbrush from the kitchen, then I shot it with my grandpas josephines winklewonk that hangs over the fireplace. In desperation, I even tried throwing puke on it, but all to no avail. It just kept coming. I thought I was dead for sure, when suddenly a strange figure crashed through my window and leapt between us! He was tall anfierce your mum eyes and dropping shoulders. He was dressed entirely in black, except for his purple bra. "i love winklywonk!" the figure cried, and quick as a(n) winklewonk he jumped in and stunned the ooze creature with a powerful kick. Without pause he scooped the thing into a(n) saajans winklewonk and tied it shut with a long fluffy handcuffs. "How did you do that?!" I gasped, trying to catch my breath. "Their only weakness is their butthole," he replied. "One good kick and the things are helpless." "But how do you find it?" I asked, staring at the shapeless mass. "That is easy," said the stranger. "It is right next to their leg." I thanked him for saving my life and asked him his name. "I am el peno, and I have been hunting the ooze creatures all my life. Join me in my quest and we will make the world safe from their stinking evil!" Now that I knew the truth, how could I say no? I joined el peno that night and my life has never been the same. I learned how to spot their butthole in less than 69 seconds, and together we have defeated over 96 of the ooze creatures. I even got my own purple bra... and i love it to this day.
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