Captivating | One Direction

Don't fall for their tricks,
Is what everyone says.
But how can you do that,
When they're captivating?

© 2014 by Oreo_CookieGurl


2. Chapter 1: The Move

CAPTIVATING | One Direction

Chapter 1: The Move


I was bored. My sister was hogging the home phone, my Mother was cooking and my Father - he's....I've never met him. I sigh and grab the nearest magazine. Nothing was interesting. My iPod was dead, as was my iPad. I had read all of my books over one hundred times. The television wasn't allowed on just yet. There was nothing.

"MAI, come help me please." My mother called. I was freaking eighteen and I was trapped in my own home.

"Coming!" I call back. I force myself up and walk towards the kitchen. The smell as I enter is horrible. My mother was never a good cook. I am the good cook of the family.

"What have I done wrong?" She asks. I look in the pot. The pumpkin soup is no longer soup. I don't even know what's wrong.

"Mum, let's order take out, I don't know how to fix this." She whines. Mum always hated getting take out. I understand though.

"FINE!" She grabs some coupons and starts dialling Domino's Pizza. I sigh and walk back into the lounge room. Ashlee, my sister, had finished her phone call.

"Take you stupid call; I'm done." She falls back onto the chair. It's like a phone call in a marathon with Ashlee, it's crazy.

"Who were you calling?" I ask. She glares at me.

"My boyfriend." She replies.

"It can't be serious, though; you're fifteen!" I say.

"Um, what about you, missy?" She asks. She tries her best to put her hands on her hips as best she could, especially since she's sitting.

"It was ages ago. I was young and stupid. Now be quiet, I've got a headache." She gets up and walks to her room. She hates when I tell her off.


"Ughah!" She screams. I smile, victorious.


I was in bed, looking out the window. I had decided that tomorrow, I was looking for a place to live. I really wasn't able to stay here much longer, and I had quite a reasonable job, so it was possible. I had talked it over with Mum and Ash, who were very happy. (Ash more because she could have my room.)

I got up. It was around five thirty, I decided to get up. Early for some, but I had always been an early starter. I walked downstairs to fin Mum sitting down, crying and watching some videos of me when I was younger. Great.

"Mum, I'm still going to visit!" I say, sitting down. She grasps me and soaks my shirt with tears.

"I know, but you're my first baby to leave the nest, I'm not used to this!" She cries. I sigh.

"Mum, honestly, I'm not going to just pack up and leave; I need to find a place, make sure I can pay the rent; Mum, please, don't cry until I go." She pats my thigh and gets up. She does that when she knows I am right. I take out the video and start looking in the local paper.


I couldn't believe I had already found a place. It was off Main Street and was cheap enough for me, but still had the necessities. I hadl also checked it out, and it was quite a pretty apartment.

"Okay, Mum, I've figured out where I want me bed." Ashlee says.

"Um, what, sorry?" I ask. She really worked fast.

"Your room, stupid. Duh!" I roll my eyes.

"Of course, sorry, I FORGOT!" She sticks her tongue out at me. Mum starts crying again. She had been doing that all day.

"Please mum, no." I grab another box and put the last things in it. My bed was the only thing left, oh, and my bedside table and draws. Everything else was packed. My last night at the home I had grown up in. Well, since we moved to London from the Land Down Under.

"I'll miss you guys." I say as I hop into bed. Mum insisted that Ashlee and her stay with me as much as possible.

"I will too, Mai." She kisses me and they leave. I close my eyes and cry a little, before falling asleep.

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