Dear Niall

Shannon loved Niall. She was a Directioner, slowly dying due to her leukemia, which she had been diagnosed with when she was thirteen, however five long years have passed. In that time, most of her family had moved away from her or died mostly of unknown causes and now it was only her left. The last in her family, waiting for her first love to come and see her.


9. Day 9

Dear Shannon

Today will hopefully be a great day. It's nice and sunny outside, I think the sun is shining for you. We're friends forever now and I'll see you in not so long. You're so beautiful. I need to see your pretty face again. So I hope you are fine and excited to see me. You can always trust me, fall into my arms Princess. Love you forever- I'll talk to you more when I come to visit you today. 

Love you

Niall xxx

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