Dear Niall

Shannon loved Niall. She was a Directioner, slowly dying due to her leukemia, which she had been diagnosed with when she was thirteen, however five long years have passed. In that time, most of her family had moved away from her or died mostly of unknown causes and now it was only her left. The last in her family, waiting for her first love to come and see her.


7. Day 7

(Shannon is getting to weak to write, and her leukemia is preventing her from being allowed out of bed. She may be in there for the rest of her life. Niall doesn't know this.He is writing to her now.)

Dear Shannon

You are mine now. I promise to keep you safe and well even when I'm not there. My feelings for you are taking over my mind, you are all I can focus on. I love you more than anyone else. The others in 1D think I'm going crazy for you, maybe I am. You know I can't wait to see you on Tuesday, everything about you is just perfect. I do not have lots to say, just that you are mine forever, no matter what, my Princess. 


Love you 

Niall xxx

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