Dear Niall

Shannon loved Niall. She was a Directioner, slowly dying due to her leukemia, which she had been diagnosed with when she was thirteen, however five long years have passed. In that time, most of her family had moved away from her or died mostly of unknown causes and now it was only her left. The last in her family, waiting for her first love to come and see her.


4. Day 4

15th May

36 Acorn Drive

East London


Dear Niall

As you probably know by now, I'm still not well at all. That's some of my bad news. My other bad news that I didn't tell you, was that I had to start having chemotherapy, so I'm losing my hair quite quickly and I'm ill and weak. I need you to make me stronger again. I love you, and I know you love me too because you said so on the letter you sent me. Well, my good news, which you already know is that you are coming to see me tommorow! I'm excited- probably a bit too excited. I really can't wait to see you. What you mean to me is just amazing. You are my dream, insparation, and the only person I love with all my heart. 

Love from


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