Dear Niall

Shannon loved Niall. She was a Directioner, slowly dying due to her leukemia, which she had been diagnosed with when she was thirteen, however five long years have passed. In that time, most of her family had moved away from her or died mostly of unknown causes and now it was only her left. The last in her family, waiting for her first love to come and see her.


1. Day 1

12th May 

36 Acorn Drive 

East London


Dear Niall,

I'm writing to tell you I'm not well. You do not know me at all, you will probably think this is another stupid fan mail from another massive Directioner. It's not actually. This is an honest letter presenting my thoughts and feelings right now. What I am trying to say is that I am really ill right now. I've been diagnosed with leukemia. This is why I need you. Please come and see me as soon as possible if you can. I understand you are very busy on your Where We Are tour and it's okay if you can't visit me, however I would appreciate it so much to see you some time. 

Love from



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