Summer Love

I was just a normal girl living a normal life who was on summer vacation with my best friend but then i met him and everything changed


40. want you back

Riley's P.O.V

after Sound check Niall and i went out to get something to eat before the concert started, and well we were eating,a few fans came over to us and asked Niall for his autograph and when he gave it to them and then they walked away, and then he said

"so in a few months were gonna be in Ireland and i wanted to introduce you to my family if your okay with that"

"of course i'm okay with that but what if they don't like me"

"Riley they're gonna love you like i do don't worry about a thing"

"okay Ni"

then we kissed and i smiled and said

"i love you my irish leprechaun"

"and i love you to my american girl"

then we kissed again and headed back to the arena


Carrie's P.O.V

after Rehearsals Louis came up to me and he said

"so what do you want to do until the concert"

"Can we just go find somewhere and be alone"


soon enough we found an empty room and then i sat down on the couch and Louis sat beside me and i said

"Louis i'm glad that we finally ended up together"

"so am i babe, is everything okay though ever since we got here you seem distant"

"it's nothing i'm fine" 

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