Summer Love

I was just a normal girl living a normal life who was on summer vacation with my best friend but then i met him and everything changed


28. Secrets coming out

Riley's P.O.V

After i showered me, and Niall went out for a walk until we just got tired of walking and then we went to a restaurant near his house or should i say our house, and when we got there everything looked really expensive on the menu, and it made me kinda not want to order anything but then Niall said

"babe just order whatever you want"

"are you sure?"

"yes babe"


then we both ordered and once we finished our food, we went home, changed into pj's and cuddled on the couch together while watching a ton of movies till i finally fell asleep in his arms


Carrie's P.O.V

When i woke up i saw that Louis was asleep and Liam wasn't there and then i went into the bathroom cause i heard water, and then as i walked in he was getting out of the shower, and then i covered my eyes and said"i'm sorry i should've knocked"

then i went and stood out in the hallway and then when Liam came out i hugged him and i didn't let go but instead i started crying, and he said 

"babe what's wrong"

"i'm gonna leave and go back to America tomorrow......i can't stay here anymore"

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