Summer Love

I was just a normal girl living a normal life who was on summer vacation with my best friend but then i met him and everything changed


29. Leaving..... Maybe?

     Carrie's P.O.V

         He looked at me and hugged me.

"Stay with me." He said quickly.

"What." I said and backed up.

"Stay with me go on tour with us..... Be mine." He said and leaned down and kissed me.

"I really want to but my mom said I have to come back." I said and noticed Louis was up.

"You have to stay." Lou said and walked up to me. "I just got you back." He hugged me. I sighed.

"Okay I will talked to my mom tonight and tell you guy tomorrow. I kissed Liam and pecked Lou on the cheek and walked over to the couch to call mom.     

Riley's P.O.V

          I woke up and saw Niall's Arms around me protectively. I looked up at his face his eyes shut softly Hair all messy. I slowly got tried to get up without waking him but it didn't work He tightened his grip around me and moaned.

"Morning babe." He said ad kissed my cheek.

"Morning." I said and got up. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked up at me and his eyes where baby blue. I was staring into them deep. I was pulled out of my trance. Niall was laughing. (His Laugh <3)

"What." I asked.

"You." He said and got up and Kissed me.

"Well I have to go shower." I said and walked into the bathroom.

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