Summer Love

I was just a normal girl living a normal life who was on summer vacation with my best friend but then i met him and everything changed


1. 1st day of summer

Carrie's P.O.V

Today was the first day of summer and i was so excited cause i was going to England for three months with my best friend Riley, we had always wanted to go to England and now we finally were.

I got into my car and drove to Riley's house and soon she came out of her house with three bags of luggage and then i said jokingly

"what is that, a bag for each month?"

"yep" then we both laughed and drove to the airport.

Once we got there we got onto our plane and before we knew it, we were in England, and then we went to our hotel, and checked,then we went to our room i said

"so what are we gonna do first"

"let's go eat then decide"


then we walked to a nearby cafe and we sat inside near a corner and then i said

"i'll go get us some coffee"

then i went and ordered two coffee's and then when i got them i turned around and bumped into someone who then got a few napkins and tried cleaning the coffee off, and then he said

"i am so sorry i can pay for that i'm Liam Payne"

"i'm Carrie"

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