Not what I wanted

Evelyn Moore is your ordinary teen.Happy,funny,smart,popular,but what if you look at her from the inside?Broken,ashamed,destroyed.Another word to describe her would be lost.She wants more from life then popularity but she just can't find it.Every boy she talks to flirts and hits on her every girl only wants to be her friend for her popularity and she's tired of it.

Justin Bieber your average criminal.But what happens when they meet?

''You think I wanted to be popular?Because I don't!"I scream at him.

''I'm sorry princess,but you don't always get what you want.''He smirked and turned away and disappeared down the dark street.

Read to find out the rest..


1. The beginning

                             (The picture above is what she is wearing)

''Look it's not you,It's me,''I lie  through my teeth,''I just don't think I'm good enough for you.''Bobby stared at me with sad eyes.I closed my locker and looked back at Bobby.''I'm so sorry.''I fake smile,a smile i've had to use so many times,and walk away.To be honest,I don't feel bad that I left him back there.Maybe that's harsh but,he's a little boring.

I walk to my next class and sit down.

''Miss Moore,you're five minutes late.What's the excuse this time.''Mrs.Whinslow tapped her big fake nails.

''Relationship problems...''I shrug my shoulders.

''Take your seat.''She said rubbing her temples and closing her eyes.No wonder she's divorced.I sit in my seat and look at the clock.I do this most of the time I'm in class,wait for class to end.

  After class I go to my locker and stuff everything into it.I take out my lip gloss and put it on.

Out of no where,my locker is slammed shut.Bobby.

I scoff,turn on my heels,and speed walk in the other direction.I hear him follow me and start running.Since school is over anyway,I run out of school and shove my lip gloss in my pocket.

''Wait!"I hear him call.I ignore it and keep running only to bump into someone.

''Hey.Watch where you are going.''A raspy voice yells at me.

''I'm sorry.I-"I start.

''Yeah.You should be.''

I look up at the person.He has light brown hair,beautiful hazel eyes and flawless perfect skin.He's not wearing a shirt either,not that I'm complaining.He's the perfect eye candy.

''Whatever,I have to go.''I say,realizing what I was doing in the first place.The friend who is with the beautiful guy winks.

''I'm Evelyn by the way.''I say shaking his winky's hand.

''I'm Chaz.''He says.

''Bye.I'll see you around.''I smile,a real smile this time,and run off.



New story yayyyy!Favorite.



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