This Is Not a Love Story

With no love, no life-changing perfect girl, and no happy endings, this book is as real as it gets. Touring around the world and performing sixty-five shows in seven months can be tiring, and Harry Styles is getting quite tired of it. As the tour comes to its last stretch in North America, it doesn't get much easier. Harry describes the struggles, the stress, and the sleepless travels of touring the world.


2. My Job

     My ears were bleeding, the screams only grew louder and the only thing I could do was pretend that it did not shake me. I could only smile. 

     Story of My Life was such an emotional song, if only the girls would quit their screaming for a few minutes and listen to it. What do they think screaming is going to do for them, grab my attention? Funny if they think that's possible. They bring signs and pretty lights to try and get noticed by us, but the truth is that I can hardly see past the first row. Past that and everything is just a blinding blur from the stage lights. 

      You and I, yet another favorite of mine. I dug my earpieces in deeper, trying to block out as much of the screams as I could so that I could concentrate on singing the right words. 

     "You and I. We don't wanna be like them. We can make it till the end..." I sang the chorus. Liam and Niall began to goof around, play fighting with each other as I was singing, it was distracting me."Nothing can come between you and I. Not even the stars above can separate the two of us..." Fuck, I fucked up the lyrics. I cringed at my mistake but kept going. "No nothing can come between you and I. Oh, you and I."

      Zayn went on with his part, I wallowed over my error, spacing out toward the floor. I had one easy job, sing the right lyrics, and I fucked it up. Maybe I'm being a little to hard on myself but who the fuck confuses 'Gods" with "Stars"? Even the damn fans knew the words and I, the fucking singer, fucked it up. A nudge from Louis brought me back to reality and I forced a small laugh knowing management would have a talk with me if I didn't start acting like I was enjoying my job. I start to goof around with the boys and occasionally whisper things like "This fucking blows." or "I'm so exhausted" into one of their ears, but I keep a smile so the fans don't think much of it, it's not like they can hear what I am saying. 

     As the show goes on and we continue to sing and act playful with each other, I start to think about how everything I do tonight will be in some sort of gif or picture on Tumblr tonight. Girls will obsess over something meaningless that I did on Twitter and Facebook. They will start up with the Larry rumor again after I laugh at something with Louis or accidentally braze my arm against his.  

     After the encore, we all ran onto the tour bus and the driver sped out before we could get crowded by fans. I went into my bunk and drifted right off to sleep.

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