Yes,Im Adopted by one Direction (Hayes Grier,Magcon and One direction Fanfic)

Hi im Sophia, im a famouse viner and youtuber im only 13 so thats a b ig thing for me. Im adopted by Harry styles yes the Harry stylesfrom the biggist boy band in the world yea yea i know that


1. I'm What?

harry point of view

Uncle Simon called us and said that we have a emergency meeting. of course everybody got worried even me! So we had to get there quick. We had to rush,when we got there we were 

Simon pov. ( AN. you didn't see that coming huh?)

I had to call the boys ASAP. After what they did yesterday at the bar was wrong really wrong. Harry made out with a random girl. And the others got into Some fights! So i thought that they have to adopt a child i mean its the best they will have a more bigger responsibility. But the most shocking is Its going to be harry child.

Liam's pov.

We got in Uncle Si's office he actually looked really mad at us. I don't get him wrong he has to be mad at us, after what we did yesterday at the bar it was wrong! " Hello lads" he announced "hey" we all sang "So i was thinking about this" He said that really scared me,what if he wants to remove one of us from the band?! If one of them goes then i will too " Lads you are going to adopt a child" I was in shock i mean we cant even take care of our selves! "Who's child is it going to be" harry asked "Yours" 

Harry's pov.

When uncle Si said it was going to be my child i was going to run away but i couldn't because it is gong to be really good,cause i always wanted to a younger sister or brother! "Lads can you wait outside at the lobby?" Uncle Si asked "except you harry, its going to be your child,you have to actually take care of him or her,now do you want a girl or a boy?" "a girl" i said "what age?" that was a hard question" i want her to be from 11-15" i couldn't get a young girl then she will cry and i didn't want her to be too old! "okay here is the adoption center the driver will take you there,oh and choose carefully"  he said. so i have to now tell the lads so they can help me



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