Bloody Love

What happens when Aria meets a vampire hunter whom has a destiny to kill her but yet find himself falling in love with her.


1. The Encounter


I always look at myself in the mirror looking at monster I am I hate myself for what I am and what I do.

Just smile through the hard times, be kind to everyone that's kind to you. I honestly wish I could meet those efforts but everyone isn't kind to me. School is the worst place of all, I wish I could rip all of their heads off, but I won't let them get to me. Well the humans..

My name is Aria and I have long sharp fangs, used to drink human blood. I am a pure blood vampire, of the royal family called Ogden. I do attend a school academy with humans and other vampires, our existence is a secret to the humans for the time being anyway. The man whom created this school dreams to unite vampire and human peacefully, basically.

But for now we are separated, vampires go to a night class, humans are day class. And that's that.

Well I believe it's almost time for class, I walked out of the bathroom snapping myself out of my own deep thoughts.

I combed back my bangs with my fingers and let it fall back. My hair touched my waist and it was a reddish brown, and it was naturally wavy/curly. But mostly curly. My eyes I would describe it as a hazel brown but with lots of green in there. I'm 5'7 and I'm pretty curvy. My butt is the right size as well as my boobs in my opinion.

I'm describing myself therefore you can get an Idea of what I look like.

Anyway going to class. I fixed my skirt and my socks then gabbed my book bag.

Going to class is like a mission almost, human girls are well how to put it are fans of the vampire boys. They also call us night class students. It's very weird.

I quietly walked down the stairs.

"Aria good morning." Jess and Henry greeted. They aren't pure breed vampires, they are half blooded vampires. Pure breeds are the most rare, and most half blooded vampires sorta worship pure breeds depending on the pure blood.

"Good day." I said properly.

"Where is Zach?" Jess asked David as David shrugged

Zach is the president of our dorm as well as a pure breed. But he takes and gives the rules. He's a secretive person. Makes me mad sometimes, and he enjoys when I get mad at him too.

"Oh hello Zach!" Leah said blushing With a wide smile. Leah obviously likes Zach.

"Good morning everyone." He greeted descending from the stairs.

I didn't say anything, I quietly leaned on the wall.

"Did you take any tablets today Aria?" Zach said stopping in front of me.

Of course. Let me explain tablets are meal replacers for vampires, instead of drinking human blood we have tablets that can turn water into something similar to blood, once again complicated.

Ok maybe not complicated but you know.

"None of your business." I said smoothly staring at my nails.

He looked me up and down and then continued toward the front door, we all followed him out the door to the gate. They had to separate us from the humans some how right? Well dorm wise.

I quietly followed behind Jess and Henry.

Jess had black hair and brown eyes she was model thin but kinda short, and Henry has blonde hair and blue eyes he was average in height and somewhat muscular. Leah has blonde curly hair with brown eyes, she was way more curvy than I maybe an inch or two tall than I. David was very tall he had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, he was rather handsome but I don't like him in that way. And the boy walking with Zach is Edward he is handsome as well he had brown hair with blue Eyes he is as tall as Zach like maybe 6'2 and is thin with some muscles. Now Zach he has brown hair and light brown eyes he is muscular but not to much, as well, as I've pointed out he is about Zach's height maybe a little taller.

Anyway those are my dorm mates, and they worship Zach in my eyes anyway. They literally do anything he asks of them, me on the other hand nobody controls me.

Maybe that's why Zach likes to pick on me sometimes.

As the gates opened human girls wearing different colored uniforms were waiting for a chance to get a glance at us, the night class students.

Security guards came to tell most of them to stay back from crowding us. Well mostly them not me, I know they're all scared of me, I can sometimes sense it. It kinda makes me sad that the human girls are scared of me I'm not harmful but yet I am..

I sighed to myself and kept walking silently looking down at the ground.







Is literally what I hear every time we walk to class, it is never peaceful ever.

I don't want to hear human girls screaming every ten seconds for our attention, I don't get what the big deal is anyway. So what we don't see them and we go to school at night, so fascinating right? No.

As we left the group of girls we all silently walked toward the classroom, I kicked a few pebbles as I walked.

You could still hear the girls from behind us slowly following us. How annoying.

Once we reached the classroom with the other vampires from other dorms we all took our seats Zach standing by the window as usual, with a book at his hands and his followers sitting near him, almost like they were guarding him.

I didn't notice I was glancing at him until he looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. I rolled my eyes and focused on the teacher that has came in to teach us.

I started to zone out and stared at the moon rising into the sky from the window.

Suddenly I had a deepened pain in my stomach I wrapped my arm around it right away, I started to sweat a little bit, I held back my scream. The pain reached all over my veins.

"Aria is something wrong?" The teacher asked

I trembled to stand up and I ran out of the room, I found my self on the ground of the hall yelping,

"GOD DAMN IT!" I yelled clenching onto my stomach and head. Why do I always do this to myself.

I heard the door open from the classroom, I was breathing really hard and my throat turned really really dry.

I was thirsting for blood.

"I told you to take your tablets or your going to kill yourself." Zach's voice broke through, he bent down and handed me a glass of water that suddenly turned to blood when he put the tablet in the water.

"Drink it." Zach almost demanded but he spoke so softly and kind.

I grabbed the glass and drank some of it my body was trembling, but then felt better.

"Drink it all please." He said looking me in the eyes.

"No." I said setting the glass down.

"Aria you're going to die if you keep doing this to yourself, I don't understand why you even do it to yourself. Don't you want to live? You're a pure blood of the royal family, you should take pride in what you are." Zach said picking up the glass and gesturing it to me.

"You don't understand what I see, you'll never understand, we are monsters, I don't want to live life drinking blood, I want to taste ice cream, I want to taste an apple, we could but it's not the same like a human. I want to be a human, I want to grow old and be afraid of dying, I want to not drink anyone's blood." I spoke slapping the glass away and standing up.

I started to walk down the hall, they don't see what I see no other vampire does even if I am a pure blood I don't want to be apart of the vampire family.

I suddenly got hit with a door it didn't hurt but that was rude I held my shoulder.

"Oh my I'm so sorry!! I didn't see you!! I'm so sorry." A boy said automatically touching my arm to examine it.

"I'm fine." I pulled it away. I felt his heart beat.

"That's good! Hey wait aren't you from the night class? You're name is Aria right?" The brown/blonde haired boy said, with deep blue eyes staring back at me.

"Oh um yeah." I said awkwardly and he formed a small smile

"Well I'm so sorry, maybe I can make it up to you?" He said with hope.

"No you don't, it was an accident, I'll live." I said putting my hand out waving as I walked away.

I heard him slightly chuckled and I continued my small walk. That boy was rather cute, to bad I forgot to ask him his name, eh oh well he just felt bad.

I walked with my hands to my back, why does Zach always do that. He asks me to be proud of what I am but how can I when I'm just a killing monster.

He acts like we need to stick together because we are both pure bloods, but that's just a label I'm still like any other vampire just with pure blood.

I walked back to the dorm after I picked up my book bag. Girls were waiting by the gate still it was say past there bed time, I could feel their pulses.

"Should you be back at your dorms." I said in a smart ass tone.

"Umm yeah, but we were hoping to see Edward or Zach." The girl with black hair said.

"You won't see them." I said walking inside the gate. Then it closed.

Once I reached my room I shut the door and locked it.

I set my book bag on the desk and took a shower, I was having an impulse again the thirst for blood.

My throat dried and my veins throbbed, I got out of the shower and took a tablet and drank it from the sink in my hands. I know it isn't right to starve myself, but I don't want to drink blood anymore, it's the only way I'll feel human. I changed into my nirvana muscle tee and a pair of high waisted shorts, I slipped on my black vans. And decided I was going for a walk.

I did my hair in a braid and wore the band to my school uniform just in case I got in trouble.

I quietly reached the roof of the dorm and walked on the brick wall that separated us from human dorms. We can associate with humans but most vampires don't because they feel like they're higher than the humans.

It's all too political like.

I walked along the brick wall, then jumped down. I feel like a lion preying. As I was walking I saw the schools student protectors, I think they're called the Union. They know about our secret there are only four of them and they have vampire hunter weapons to keep everyone mostly vampires in order.

But anyway they the schools little enforcement crew. For both sides.

I ignored them and kept walked along the side walk to the schools gardens.

"Halt!" The voice sounded fairly familiar.

I stopped in my tracks.

"Yes?" I said facing the boy whom hit me with a door.

"Oh Aria. I thought your were a day time student." He said

He was in his school uniform but he had a white band to show he was apart of the union.

"You're apart of the union??" I said surprised.

He had a chains hanging from his pockets, in other words guns, vampire hunter guns, no effect on humans but could do damage to me.

"Yeah, my family has taught me a lot about protection and how to fight an enemy off." He said smiling

In other words me, my kind.

"You know I never asked what your name was, what is it?" I asked nicely

"It's Niall, Niall James Horan." He said proudly,

I know of his family name he is apart of the Irish vampire hunter family, one of the last few families from Ireland to hunt vampires.

It's common sense to know that someday he'll kill me.

"You know someday you're going to kill me, so I'm going to stop this friendship now before one of us gets hurt Niall." I said sharply and in a pushing away kinda way.

"Do you honestly believe that's going to to happen?" He asked sharply but with a cute grin

"Yes." I said unsure and kinda sad because I believe it's true

"Then do I kill you now or later?" He questioned with a smirk.

"Do whatever you please." I said smirking as well.

Please kill me I thought automatically

"You know I'll let you live, you haven't done any harm, plus I'd hate to see you go." He said letting go of his guns

"Was that a flirt?" I said smiling

"Oh um no no." He said nervously smiling and scratching his head while blushing a little.

This was an extremely weird encounter.

"I'll see you around..." I said

"I'll be looking forward to it." Niall said quietly watching me walk away.

My head started to throb next thing you know I could feel my heart beating rapidly fast and I was on knees holding my head, the yearn for human blood kept getting worse and worse each day I didn't take my tablets.

I suddenly felt hands wrapped on the shoulders,

"Aria!!" Niall yelped.

"What's wrong!" He said with a worried look on his face.

"I need blood..." I squeaked out trying to get my self under control.

It was harder than usual.

I started losing my vision slightly.

I saw a haze of Niall cutting his shirt so you could see his neck better, my instinct was kicking in.

He turned me toward him and forced my face to his neck.

"Drink it!" He demanded like a mad man.

I didn't take it, I promised I'd never touch a human.

"You're going to die if you don't!!" He yelled again.

I felt my fangs coming out.

I couldn't do it. I started to cry. And then I found my self drinking Niall's blood a damn vampire hunter has offered himself to me.

I started to cry even more because I couldn't control myself. The blood was so good, it was so sweet. I couldn't get myself to stop as I sank my fangs in a little deeper.

Blood was flowing out of his neck in a small stream.

"That's it." Niall said. I was shocked, I was confused why didn't he kill me, why is he giving me his blood.

I'm a monster.

"Keep going." He said once again and I started to cry even more.

Then I pulled myself out of my trance, I can't believe what I just did.

I just went against everything I'm against. I could never get used to want I am. When I saw how monsteras my species could be. But that wasn't a half blood or a pure blood. It was a EV an EV is the worst kind of vampire the kind that a half blood could turn into if turned into a vampire by a half blood. They have power to turn someone into a EV while pure bloods could change someone into a half blood.

I'm afraid that I will turn into an EV one day all they do is devour anything with a pulse. Maybe that's why I don't ever want to touch a human. Or drink blood ever.

But the tablets have no affect on me when I do drink it, only for a little while. Some pure bloods are special like me you could say we need real blood.

I'm haven't figured that one out yet but that's just how it is really.

"Thank god." Niall said sighing and covering his neck with a band aide like it was just a scratch.

"Why? Did you let me do that!!" I said crying a little bit.

"Why? So I could save your life damn it." Niall said

I just sat there in between Niall's legs on the cold ground, tears flowing out.

"I've never seem a vampire cry, hate to admit it but it's kinda nice." He tried joking.

"Hey" he said lifting my chin up.

"You didn't hurt me, you're fine, I'm alive, you had control." Niall said trying to cheer me up.

"You don't get it I don't ever want to do that again." I said trembling.

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