Bond Made of Fibers

Ryuko lives with Senkestu's absence in her life. Who will be there to support her? Can she truly heal from a bond so strong? Or perhaps can a bond never truly be broken?


1. Life Without Fibers

Anything would have been better than this. Living without it. Living without him... A friend that she could never really call a friend. He was her everything. Within the span of short time they had together, the name Senketsu meant far more than its initial preface. It meant friend. It meant fighter. It meant brother.

Now that brother was gone. What had she to believe in, when he was no longer strapped to the expanse of her flesh? A sister was by her side, yes, and so was a loyal comrade. Yet it would never be the same.

What Senketsu had brought to her was a way out of the darkness of her father's shadow. He then left in the wake of her mother's destruction. She often caught herself wondering, where he was, or what he could be doing. The solid response was that he couldn't be dead. That was impossible. After fighting all their battles, he couldn't simply have perished that day. No.

While she slept she often dreamt of him. She would step into the school, beneath the soaring arch of the entrance, with his even voice commenting in her ear of everything and anything. When she stepped under the arch now, the wind was the only voice speaking to her.

This night she couldn't have caught rest if it had been a crippled animal. It alluded her violently. Finally she gave into the urge of awareness and eventually stood. Slick with sweat, her pajamas clung to her body and her bangs plastered to her forehead.

Sighing, Ryuko stood in the doorway to her room, measuring the distance between it and the kitchen. Her groan was heavy in the humid night, and she scrubbed a hand down her face to rid it of the lingering claws of sleepless slumber.

She stepped into the hallway, already keen to the area where the creaks lived in the floors. When she was in the kitchen she poured herself a glass of water and indulged in the cool liquid slipping down her parched throat.

I can't stop thinking of him, she thought quietly to herself, thumbing the rim of her glass. She stood beside a window, where the moon's rays blanketed her in milky light.

"What are you doing up so late?" A voice questioned. Ryuko jerked in surprise, nearly dropping her glass. She found mako standing in the doorway, on hand on the frame while the other rubbed away the sleep in her eye.

"Nothing," Ryuko said, placing down her cup and leaning against the counter. "I just had a bad dream, I'll be back in bed soon."

Ryuko lived with Mako and her family in her sister, Satsuki's, manson on a hill not far from the school. It was a spacious place, if not a bit lonely here and there. That was why Mako and Ryuko slept in the same room together.

Mako dropped her arm and studied Ryuko for a moment. "You were dreaming about Senketsu again, weren't you?" She assumed, her tone soft and concerned.

Ryuko turned her eyes away, averting them to the window. "Yeah..." She admitted, clenching a hand in the counter. "I just...can't get him out of my head, you know?"

"You can always come talk to me, or Satsuki, or Ira, you know that right?" Mako pressed, stepping into the room more. "We're always here for you whenever you feel sad or alone."

Ryuko smiled beside herself, never having been able to frown since the year ago she'd met Mako at their school. "I know," she agreed, nodding toward her friend. "I can always trust you."

Mako grinned in her goofy way and left to leave Ryuko to herself for awhile. When the girl had gone, Ryuko's smile broke and her eyes watered.

Why in a place with so many people, did she feel so alone?

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