The geek is a prince

Niall is a normal geek but he doesn't get bullied that much.Ever since grade 3 he has had a crush on a girl named Teryn.What happens when he finds out that she likes him too?


2. school

Teryns p.o.v

Well after I talked to Niall I went into class ,which I have with Niall we were in science so we have tables .Niall was sitting all alone so I went up to him "Can I sit ?" " Y-yeah" "thsnks". Then some jock came up "Hey hot stuff why

don't you come sit with me " "In your dreams" then he kissed me I smacked him " what the hell" then he walked back .

Niall's p.o.v

After she slapped him she said that she was sorry "W-why " "Because he made you mad" "I-it's okay" then she couldn't stop smiling "W-what""you're just so cute " she called me cute I could feel my cheeks getting red . Then the teacher walked in. "Class think of this as free time so talk to the person beside you" . " so Niall you don't have to be so shy around me" "okay" "Niall can I ask you a question ?" "Yes " "How come I never see you with your friends " " Because I don't have any " "Well you do now " "Who?" "Me"

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