the new neighbers

i get a new best friend but his girlfriend makes trouble zayn malic fan fic


2. zayne needs help

he ran back to the house wait up zayn shouted James . i have had it with you  Melinda zayn screamed he cried James ran to him hey bro its fine your a good guy not like her  zayn parents rang how dare you talk like that to Melinda zayn I'm not going out with her you don't have a choice she is picking you up and your getting married tomorrow. Oh no I'm not mum you have no choice. he slammed the phone down. I need some help i have a secret place where i can hide you zayn  but hiding was Melinda and his parents can we get something to eat and drink first shore he went in the  shop then zayn was kidnapped  b his parents and Melinda  James come out and said zayn where are you  his parents drove off James ran home mum have you seen zayn thanks to you they have gone wait gone  where secret place oh no i will find him James stay at home hes not worth it he is hes my best friend and Im going to stop the wedding no matter how hard it is  he got an airplane as soon as he could they told zayn not to leave he screamed for help bt no one heard him James ran  to the airport but will he be to late end of part 2

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