the new neighbers

i get a new best friend but his girlfriend makes trouble zayn malic fan fic


1. new neighbers arive zayne malic fan fiction

it was a sunny day today we had new neighbours coming today i wasn't looking forwood to it James come down and have some breakfast no mum I'm not going. She come up look we talked about this last night your going and that's final.  now stop being a baby and get down stairs he  come down stairs and had his breakfast. The doorbell  rang their hear James please be nice  they  opened the door hey I'm James the boy looked not happy ok please come in.   Mum ill wait in the car look we come down hear to meet them   ok you can stay  out hear I wish I never had you you ruin everything. Hey that's not very nice. he's your son.  said James he smiled  do  you want to  hang out yeah shore James say sorry I'm sorry but that is not the way to talk to your son. I wish we never had kids zany lets go and get to know each other he had tears rolling down his eyes  are you ok Zayn he looked thanks for being on my side they have always been like this  his mobile rang he looked hur its my girlfriend who my mum told me to date wait do you even like her no she's mean and horrible I'm meant to marry her but not going to happen bro he laughed

If you want ill talk and tell her to stop bothering you no its fine hey Im at my new friends house  he  said on his phone  no you cant come over i wont  to be on my own with my new friend james smiled with that he heard a beep hey  silly guy get in the car wait is that her yes with an angry voice well one thing lets run they ran as fast as they coud. but it was to late she pushed him in th car and hugged him get off he screamed listen where going to get married next wekk ames said good luck with that zayn loughed good one bro  and you need to change your best friends she gave him an evil look whats your name my name is Melinda oh.  hey bro your better of with out her that's it i will do something to embarise you tomorrow she did eveil lough end of part 1

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