no·to·ri·ous nəˈtôrēəs,nō-/ adjective famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.


5. Chapter Three

*Zike's POV* 

My mouth with-drawled a gasp of air once Lindsay had gotten out of my car. I refused to give her a petty nickname, me barely liking her. 

It wasn't just the fact that she annoyed the living shit outta me, or the fact that she was the only chick in the group, but I refused to get close to another girl. Especially after Samantha. 

I pulled out of the parking lot my skin cold, like it always was, and I drove to N-slabe's. He talked an earful when he found out I had blown the group off again.

And he knew why. All of the guys did, but they refused to tell anyone. Lindsay didn't even know. She was actually oblivious- she didn't even realize that half of the time when I was out was because I was doing my job, my dangerous one. 

I sighed, stepping out of my SUV and walked to the blonde lads floor with my money in hand. 

I was something a typical human being envied, yet they hated with a deep passion, almost wanting to banish. Yes, I indeed was a human as well, but I had my boundaries and classified myself as more than just a typical go-to guy with a stable life. 

"Hey," N-slabe greeted, moving to the side to let me in. 

I stepped in, bowing my head in appreciation. "I can't stay for long," I mutter. "I have to be out of town before dawn. The cops got a warrant, apparently they found Versato's body yesterday. They reopened my case for a penalty. They have more 'baggage' on me." 

"Well then it would be another case, they already pleaded you not guilty for paralyzing Josh. They can't reopen something they already made a final decision on." 

I nodded firmly. "I know. But they have more than just that, Slabe. I don't commit a crime every year or so, we're talking everyday." 

"Dammit, Zike. I told you long ago that you needed out of this."

"Do you really think it's that easy. My boss-" I chuckle. "The man practically has a leash around my neck for Christ's sake." 

"Have you even tried?" 

"Have I really tried?" I mock. "Of course I've tried. But fucking Matt won't let me out. It either that or my life's done. Over." 

"I wonder why he let the boys and I out?" I hand him the money, him taking it gratefully for my jail bail that he paid back in May. 

"Well I certainly know why he kept me; I'm the only one who doesn't have an association with family." 

"Hell Zike, you know I gave up on my family when mum died and Pop became abusive." Niall grunts, slamming the money onto the table-it seeming to have the least amount of value in the current situation. "That was long ago." 

"I know, N-Slabe, but you still have a family. Mine's all the way in Bradford. I don't choose to call them family anymore." 

"What did they ever do?" He asks with curiosity. 

"Nothing. That's exactly what." 

"Well, why don't you say we change topics?" 

"Sounds lovely." I laugh. "Say, do you have a beer or something?" 

"Course I do. I'll be right back," Niall skids to the kitchen, faster than ever. 

I check around the place, weary that Lindsay might be around. 

I couldn't risk her knowing anything. As soon as the information crossed through her hearing canal, it would be out of her mouth in no time. 

I guess my hatred for her wasn't as large as I made it sound. She wasn't repulsive to me, yet there was still a little bit of annoyance and tension there. But still, I guess I just didn't want her associated with this type of shit. 

Once you're in, there's almost no way to get out. The boys were lucky. Me-well not so much. Maybe I just wanted to protect her. Lindsay. 

She was beautiful, but I couldn't become obsessed again and bring her into the business. 

It was a definite no-no. 

"Hope you don't mind Coors, it's all Linz likes," he hands me the freezing bottle, with the cap already popped off and everything. 

"You mean the tight ass," I try to cover up the fact that, that was where my mind was the whole time he was gone. He glares at me, his lips etching up into a slight smile that he desperately tries to cover up. "Sorry." 

"It's okay," he sits down on the couch. "Just try not to be so rude and timid around her. As much as she hates to admit it, she's still a chick." 

"Yeah I know, Slabe." I sigh, putting an arm behind my head as I recline. "But you were the one who warned me not to become close to her when we met."

"Well I know that, Zike. But you don't have to be a tool. You could at least attempt to talk to her." 

"I know," my phone buzzes, making me pull it out of my pocket and check that it wasn't important. It was. "Christ, it's Matt. Apparently he has someone waiting for me down at the lobby of the warehouse. Thanks for the beer and sorry I'm just now giving you the money." 

"It's no problem." He walks me out as I slip on my coat. "Oh and Zike?" 


"Be careful." 


*Lindsay's POV*

My arms are tired from pumping gas at the station all day as I walk back to the apartment. N wasn't in today(his only day off), leaving me in charge of manual labor while the manager of 57 Avenue lazily checks food items out for customers inside. 

Today after I left Zike's car, it had me thinking all day. How was he so strong. Obviously he wasn't anything supernatural, but it made me wonder how he had the ability to make my skin numb with a touch. 

Maybe just training on training. I still didn't know what he did for a living, so it just left me curious. 

"N-Slabe? I'm home!" I call. He walks around the corner, the aroma of boxed pizza spreading though my nostrils as soon as I walk in. 

"Hey," he smiles. "I ordered pizza a few minutes ago and the boys won't be joining us tonight. I know we need just a break. To catch up." 

"That sounds amazing." I kick off my old, now dusted sneakers and place the light-weight jacket on the inside of the closet. "I'm zonked. Work was packed today." 

"And that's exactly why I think you need a day off from all of the rowdy boys." 

"Please," I scoff. "You're rowdy too."

"Only when they're here."

"True." I yawn, grabbing a plastic plate from on top of the box and removing two pieces. 

"You don't usually drink during the day," I frown looking at the bottle of beer on the table. "Did we have company earlier?" 

"Yeah, actually Zike stopped by earlier. He wanted to catch up and apologize for not coming over the other night. He was with an old friend." 

Lie. All lies coming out of Slabe's mouth. I had seen Zike the other day when he 'bailed' out. He was beating a poor guy up. 

And I had even talked to him about it this morning.

"You're lying." I roll my eyes. 

"Wh-what?" His eyes are wide at my short tone of voice. 

"I saw him the other night. He was beating a mans face in with no remorse. I had to walk away. Zike scares me when he has black eyes." 

N's eyes were still wide. "His eyes were um- black again?"

"Yea. He apparently saw me running away. But in all honesty I was just freaked out. It being dark and all. He had me meet up with him this morning. We talked it through." 

"Fuck, Linz." N-Slabe was mad. He pulled on his hair tips as he pursed his lips. "You don't know how you badly you could have gotten hurt. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm an adult, Niall." I was mad too. "I don't have to tell you when I step out for a few minutes."

"Yes and I know that," he growled. "But Zike's dangerous, and when he loses control, only the boys and I can stop him." 

"See this is what I hate. The lies. I want to know why he's so fucking dangerous and I want to know now!" 

A/N- hey guys. I'm sorry I don't update much, I just don't have the energy, and softball has really taken a large tole in that aspect. Plus I don't have many reads and I feel as if I'm writing to Wattpad itself. 



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