The Avengers and the HOT

It had been 15 years since the war that took place in New York, and the Avengers have settled down. Tony convinced Pepper to bring back the suits, Steve and Natasha got married, Clint and another SHIELD Agent (Alyssa Shatie) got married, Bruce got married to Betty, Thor stayed on Earth and married Jane, and of course they all have kids. Abby and Bucky Rogers (The Justice Twins or the JT) , Lila Stark (Hacker), Tom Thorson (TT), Chase Banner (BB Gun), and Jake Barton (Sharp Brain). They're all great friends, all of the same age, The Hacker being the youngest. When something evil comes and tries to destroy the world, they all band together to save it....With a little bit if unexpected help...

-The names in parentheses are their nicknames among each other-
-I don't own any original characters created by Marvel. My original characters are the kids, and Alyssa Shatie.
- I am well aware that Alyssa is a different movella-


1. First Day

-Abby's POV- 

Well, today is the first day of school. For you it might be the start of 185 days of terror but for me its the start of 185 days of pure happiness. My dad slowly pulls up to the school.

"So are you still hanging out with Lisa?" my dad asks as he unlocks the door.

"Her name is Lila, for your information and yes, she is my friend, and that's what friends do." I snap back as I fling the door open and slam it closed. Yes, my best friend is Lila Stark, daughter of the richest man, and daughter of the Iron Man.

She is a big daredevil, which is why my dad doesn't approve of her. He wants me to have a 4.0 GPA and straight A's. Lila is really smart too but he can never get past the daredevil thing. I storm toward the school. I hated when I fought with my dad but he keeps pushing it. Just as I got near the doors, I saw Lila and Bucky.

Bucky is my brother, Mom took him to school (Nat is my mom and Steve is my dad) Well if you didn't get any hints, I am the daughter of Captain America, and Natasha Romanoff. Lila waved from the window, I waved back.

I hated not telling her about my dad, telling her that he hates her and the reason she can never come over because my dad is afraid she might break his collection of vintage glasses. She always gets mad when I make up excuses but she gets over it.

Anyways, I walk in and she jumps on me. " I MISSED YOU!!" she yells.

"I missed you too!" I giggle. She lets go and she laughs. Bucky was sitting down, ignoring me and her. Probably because he can see me everyday. "RIIINNNGGG!!!!" " We better get to class." Lila says.

After about 3 classes of complete awesomeness, it was finally lunch, now my friends can barley eat anything, but even with crappy, probably expired crap food but it actually tastes good. I slowly walk into the line for lunch. Lunch is actually not my favorite part of school, maybe because all the mean girls attack all the kids of the Avengers, they even gave us nicknames. I'm the walking Flag Pole, Lila is the Starky Dork, Bucky is Ninja Freak, which in my opinion isn't really bad. Jake is the Tweeting Turd, Tom is the Crazy Thunder (Better than the walking Flag Pole), and Chase is the Ugly Monster. Except, they're way too chicken to tell him that. 

-Lila's POV- 

Today has been a blast. I got to hang out with all of my friends. Bucky's been a little quiet, but he's never exactly talked at school. Tom, Jake, and Chase all talked about their summers. Not like we didn't hear about Chase's. He had ran half-way across the world because he blew up a gas station on accident. Okay, so I had to help track him down,  so I was obviously the first person to know, but all well. Jake went to the archery championship in Greece and won first prize (Not surprising). Tom had gone back to Asgard, only to discover that Loki had taken Odin's place on the throne and Thor was distraught to find out that his brother was alive. 

Tom said that he'd never met Loki, but he said that he was kind of cool for a guy who tried to take over the world. I wasn't sure about any of that, but I guess I shouldn't judge. 

"So, Lila, how was your summer?" Tom asked. I shrugged. 

"Nothing really. I just built stuff." I replied. Bucky rolled his eyes. 

"That's all you ever do over the summer." He complained. I smirked. 

"I know. That's what makes me so special." I said. Abby laughed. 

"You told me a week ago that you went back to California!" She exclaimed. 

"I did. And I built stuff there too." I said. They all looked at me. I knew what they were thinking: The richest girl alive, didn't do anything fun this summer. 

That's not entirely true. I did something huge. Something that would get me in SO much trouble for the danger I got myself in. Something that I could get hurt from doing. 

I hacked Hydra. 


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