Can this love be real ?

Luke is known as the school player but will he fall for Lila and will things change or will he just break another heart ?


1. the beginning

Another heat broken by the one and only Luke hemmings . Everyone know to stay away from him but they don't . 13, 13 is the number of broken hearts this year. I'm so damn tired of crying girls but at lest it's my last year!

" hey Lila, what are you doing this weekend ? " my friend said walking up to my locker, I say " oh nothing " and she says " oh that's great! I was wondering if you wanted to hang out then ? " and I said " oh sure I would love to " I said back to her and stood up and shut the door. She said " ok " and then like walked by us and gave us his wave and there was a bunch of girls watching him like always and he walked out to the lawn . Kate and I walked to the bathroom just to get away. Demi was their, the most popular girl at school and she says " what do you two think your doing ? " Kate says " uhh nothing " and she says " ok then just get out of my way " and we say " ok sorry " and walk out the bathroom to our next class math and Luke was in it. He was very good at it . Smarts guy at it but Kate and I were not as good as him but good. We have all are classes with him so we have to see him all the time! By the time lunch comes me and Kate go site with our other friends Jessy and Ashley and then there's the popular table and of course Luke sites their

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