Can this love be real ?

Luke is known as the school player but will he fall for Lila and will things change or will he just break another heart ?


4. more then friends

You've been friends with Luke for 5 weeks now and have gotten really close. It was Saturday and you thought of what Luke said weeks ago and decided to give him a try so you txt him saying " I've thought about it for a while and I guess I'll go on a date with you " and he says " ok great! I'll pick you up around 8 " and you say " ok see you then " all your other friend where with the other guys now and you txt them all saying your giving Luke a try . You have 4 hours to get ready for your date with Luke so you just listened to music and went on your phone . It was now 7 and you picked out your cloths and then went in the shower . Later on you were putting makeup on when you hear the door nock from down stairs and you yell " just a minute " and when you were all finished you go down and open the door to see Luke and he says " you ready ? " and you say " yep I'm ready " and he says " ok " and let's you walk out and then he goes to the car and opens the door for you then gets in on his side . You ask " so where are you taking me ? " and he says " out to eat " and you say " ok " . 30 mins later he pulls in a driveway and gets out the car and opens your door for you then leads you to the door of the restaurant and opens the door again, and you say " your being such a gentlemen " and he chuckles and says " just for you " . A waiter comes and gets your drinks order and gives you menus . Luke says " before we look at the menu I wanna tell you why I asked you out " and you say " ok why ? " and he said " well your just so different then other girls and i like that, I know I usually date girls but break up with them and stuff but there's something different about you that i like " and you say " oh " . You and Luke look at the menu for about a minute then the waiter comes back with your drinks and says " may I take your order or do you need more time ? " and you a Luke both Look up and say " we are ready " and you order your food . While you guys were eating Luke says " I really like you and wanna know if you would give me a chance and be my girlfriend ? " and you say " as long as you don't break my heart like you have with other girls " and he says " I promise I won't " and you say " ok then I'll be your girlfriend " and you txt your friends and he txts his . When you guys were finished he dropped you off . The next morning you wake up finding out the whole school knows and you say " oh shit " to your self . You get to school and the first person to say something was Demi and she says " oh I see you couldn't hold back from him could you ? Just wait honey he'll break up with you before you know it " and she starts to walk away and Luke sees and heard everything because his locker was close by and he walks up to her and says " keep your mouth shut Demi . I know that's usually how it is but this time it's not " and she says " we will see about that " and walks off . Luke and the rest of your friends and the other guys walk up to you and Luke says " don't let her get to you " and kisses you on the cheek and you say " I won't " and he says " good " then the others say " how does it feel to be like the rest of us ?" And you say " great " and you all go to your classes

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