Can this love be real ?

Luke is known as the school player but will he fall for Lila and will things change or will he just break another heart ?


5. break up and make up

You and Luke have be going strong for months now and have been true loyal to each other and it's now march. You just got home from a long day of working and was tired when you get a txt from Jessy saying " mike and I were going out and we saw Luke with this girl and they are holding hands " you look her txts and you see Luke with the girl and you txt her back saying " thank you for telling me this, I'll have a little chat with him " and you go and txt Luke sending the pic of him with the girl and saying " what the hell is this ? " and he txts back saying " I'm so sorry babe it was a mistake " and you say " yeah sure a mistake ? You promised you would never cheat on me and you do . I should of never trusted you I'm done with you " and Luke txts back saying " please I didn't mean to don't leave me please I love you " you say " well it's to late now and you should of thought of that before you did what you did " you were in tears now and call your friends to come over and they do and you tell them everything and Kate says " I'm so sorry Lila I shouldn't of told you to do it " and you say " it's not your fault " and the others say sorry too .

The weekend ends and you know have to see Luke. You get to school and your at your locker when Luke comes up and says " please Lila take me back I didn't mean to do that I really do like you " and you stand up and say " no Luke I trusted you and you cheated on me " and walk away but you only get Agee feet away when you run in to Demi and she says " I told you he would be gone, now look at you your just like every other girl hear broken " and you say " leave me alone Demi " and you walk away and you walk in the bathroom and your friends join you and comfort you.

Luke's prov

I saw Demi talking to Lila and I don't think it was anything good, I should go talk to her . " hey Demi what did you say to Lila ? " I said angry " oh I just told her how I was always right " she said in her perfect tone of voice " no you were not right, I will get her back you'll see " I said back to her " oh really Luke ? " she said " you just wait " and walked away.

Lila prov

I stopped crying and went to class with only Kate. After school I went home . It's now 9pm and I hear a nock on my window and I get up to see who it could be . It was Luke I say " what do you think your doing ? You could fall and get hurt " and he said " I know but please let me come in and explain things " and I say " fine " and move out of his way so he can get in and once he does he says " I'm so sorry that happen I was being stupid and didn't think, I really like you, who you are so pleas give me another chance " and he sings gotta be you . I see the sad look on his face and say " fine I'll take you back " and he says " thank you " and we hug . The next day at school Ashley and mike come up to me with the rest following be hide them and she says " so what happen ? " and I say " Luke and I got back together " and they all say " awe that's great " and Demi comes up and says " what happen " and Luke comes up behind me and says " we got back together " and kiss me on my neck and Demi says " oh really ? So you finally came to your senses ? " and he says " yes I have " .

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