Can this love be real ?

Luke is known as the school player but will he fall for Lila and will things change or will he just break another heart ?


2. bowling and boys

We got the the bowling ally and there was a lot of people and drinks. We've done 2 rounds and had one drink . Ashley was taking her turn and I was sitting down watching her. All the sudden Luke comes up to me and says " hey I've been watching you guys play and wanna know if you guys would like to have a contest ? " and I said " idk let me talk with them " and he said " ok I'll be waiting right here " and I got up to go talk to them when Demi comes up to talk to Luke and says " what are doing talking with her ? " and he says " I just asked her if she wants to have a contest " and she said " oh ok well hope you win " and he said " thanks " and I came back and said " they are in " and he said " ok I'll go get my friends " and I said " ok " and a few mins later he comes back with 3 other guys and points at the black hair one and says " this is calum " and then points at the guy with the died hair and says " this is Michael " and points at the other guy and says " this is Ashton " and they all say hi and we get the score bored and started playing . We played for hours and Ashton and Kate where getting along very well and calum and Ashley where getting along very well and Michael and Jessy seemed to be getting along but refused to get along with Luke. When we where talking Kate whispered in my ear " Lila you should talk with Luke I'm sure he's a great person just not when it comes to love " and I said " ok I'll give it a chance but if something happens to me I'm blaming you " and she said " ok ok I know and I'll be here for you " and I said " ok I know " . Before we left we all exchanged numbers with them . I wasn't so comfortable giving Luke mine and having to be friends with him

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