Mr Happy's Birthday

It is Mr Happy's birthday and the citizens of Dillydale are planning a party for him. Little Miss Sunshine is planning to bake a big birthday cake the size if Happy himself, but the cake has been stolen...

There is only 3 hours left. It is the citizens of Dillydale's job to find it.


3. Setting up the Party

Little Miss Sunshine was in charge of setting Mr Happy's birthday party as she was his best friend. The party was going to be in the Dillydale Park, as it was the only place in Dillydale where everybody could fit. Miss Sunshine had already put up the balloons on the stage. Mr Happy was going to open all his presents there. Miss Sunshine was collecting everybody's presents at her door today. She woke up extra early. 6:00. She ate her breakfast when somebody rang the doorbell. It was Mr Forgetful. "I remembered to buy Mr Miserable a present, Miss Moonlight," Mr Forgetful said to Miss Sunshine. Miss Sunshine didn't bother his forgetfulness. She collecting the present, a wooden shoe. He forgot to wrap it. When Forgetful went, Miss Sunshine wrapped it for him. By 3:00pm, every single citizen of Dillydale had given Mr Happy's present to Miss Sunshine.

Miss Sunshine now had to put all these presents in the park. Mr Strong came to help her do that. He carried 30 at once. And by 3:30, every single present was lying still at the park. They arranged everything in placer and were finally ready to rest. 

Mr Happy didn't know what everybody was doing for him. Mr Happy was busily tidying his house when he heard the doorbell ring. Miss Sunshine entered the house. "Good afternoon, Mr Happy," she greeted. "Oh why, what brings you here?" Mr Happy asked, cheerfully. "I just wanted to talk to you. "I'll prepare tea," Mr Happy said as he walked to the kitchen. Miss Sunshine sat down at the table. A few minutes later, both of them were busy sipping up their tea. "So I wanted to inform you that tomorrow there'll be a big event at the park, will you attend? Nearly everyone in Dillydale is going," she asked Mr Happy. "Oh of course. What is the big event?" he asked Miss Sunshine. "Oh it'll be..." she didn't know Mr Happy would ask her this. "A famous actor, Daniel Radcliffe will be visiting Dillydale," Sunshine lied. 

Mr Bump was planning to surprise Mr Happy by showing him a show created by them. Miss Sunshine liked the idea and called Mr Men and Little Misses to audition. They decided to do Goldilocks and the Three Bears as that was Mr Happy's favourite show as a kid. Loads and Loads of people came to audition. 

After auditioning, Miss Sunshine chose some Mr Men and Little Misses as the characters. Here's what they were:

Goldilocks = Miss Naughty

Little Bear = Mr Small 

Mummy Bear = Miss Greedy

Daddy Bear = Mr Strong 

Goldilocks' Mother = Miss Wise

Mr Bump was the narrator and he was pretty excited. Miss Sunshine thanked Mr Bump for giving her this idea. It was 5:00 now and Miss Sunshine wanted to make Mr Happy's birthday perfect. But how could she improve it? She decided that everyone sang a song to Mr Happy. A  song that will make him extremely happy. After everything Happy had did for Dillydale, he deserve this. It was the town of Dillydale's opportunity to please him. 





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