Afire Love

Bullied her entire life ,
With no one by her side ,
Emily Saunder's silent cries,
Are heard when He entered her life ,
He thought she was just a lost lamb ,
But she was more than that ,
She was as fragile as glass ,
For he heart was torn about a million times ,
By some careless , deceiving fool ,
She knows his story ,
His life an open book ,
Simply normal , amazing and filled with peace
Unlike her constant turmoil ,
Of problems radiating around her surroundings .

What happens when she becomes close friends with the famous Harry Styles ?
Of course she receives hate !
She starts falling for him ,
But fortunately he's currently busy ,
Dating a slut which once was Emily's bully .
She tries to persuade and warn him of the skank he's with
Yet things turn into a messy fight .
Will things become alright ?
Or will she end her life ?
Seeing the boy she loves the most ,
Love the girl who bullied her all the time ?


2. Surprise , Surprise


      I awoke abruptly from my slumber panting heavily , before making my way towards the kitchen . I stopped just as I was about to enter the kitchen when I heard , footsteps trailing silently above me slowing increasing indicating that someone was near . I shuffled towards the nearest object I could find and to my advantage it was a fire extinguisher . " Who's thee-there ? " I called out , my voice barely audible and waited for a response only to hear movements and before I knew it the lights flickered on revealing Melissa , my twin sister . "What the hell are you doing here , holding a fire extinguisher as if you're about to murder somebody ? " she asked surprised . Her hair sticking out in all directions , making her look a little silly , her eyes a light shade of blue piercing through the object I held in my right hand . " Whaaa..I could say the same for you ! " I exclaimed totally ignoring her  question. " I couldn't sleep and I'm guessing neither did you ?? " she asked before walking into the kitchen and dishing out a plateful of pasta from last night's dinner . I nodded and  brought out a container of yogurt from the refridgerator and sit at the comfy couch in the living room . " Are mum and dad home yet ? " Melissa asked before joining me on the couch . I sighed and explained that they were still at work , noting that it was about 10pm. This was completely normal , my parents hardly being home until about one or two in the morning . I began devouring my yogurt before deciding on watching tv . It wasn't long til I found an interesting documentary based on bullying being played on National Geography . My eyes glued to the screen , taking in each and every word the reporter stated . The words " You're not alone , speak up and stop bullying " echoed through my head .' If only it was that easy ' I thought to myself before Melissa cut my thoughts off and brings me back to reality . " What attention seekers they are ! Cutting themselves just to withdraw attention to themselves ! ATTENTION WHORES ! " she screamed from her seat , mouth filled with spaghetti and chunks of meat . " Shhh - keep quiet " I stated , trying to get her to shut up and saying things I know she would regret . Little did she know that I one of those victims of bullying , one of those who deliberately cut themselves to ease and forget the never ending pain . One of those whom she just accused bulling victims of being "Attention Whores' . It hurt hearing those words leave her mouth , but as crazy as it may seem it felt good hearing it from her directly other than behind my back . I mean don't you just hate back stabbing bitches ? . I sighed and watched the documentary for awhile before I slowly drifted off to sleep which I unfortunately couldn't get due to Melissa's ear piercing screams . " WILL YOU PLEASE SHU- " "SHHHHH !! " she shouted back completely cutting me off before I could finish my sentence . I looked at her and stood there dumbfounded before following her gaze to the tv screen . The reporter a man who looked slightly above the age of thirty five was speaking about the documentary blah blah blah , nothing more . At first I was confused as to why Melissa was screaming her heart out at the screen until the reporter began talking about some British boyband . One Direction? .'One Direction ... hmm why is that so familiar ?? ' I thought quietly to myself . My question was soon answered when the reporter turned around and faced five boys who looked around Melissa and I 's age . " Hi I'm Liam, and we're part of an international boyband called One Direction , to my right here we have Niall " he said pointing to a boy with bleached blond hair and had part of his mouth covered in chocolate . " Please excuse him , nialler here loves his food " the boy named Liam chuckled slightly before introducing the rest of the boys . The next boy to be introduced was Louis who had an utmost bubbly personality , with his brown locks, blue eyes and  quite a number of tattooes on his right arm and hands . After Louis was introduced , Liam then proceeded to greeting a boy with tattooes on both arms, called Zayn . He had amazing chin bones and black raven hair that was pulled up in a perfect quiff. As Liam rambled on about something I couldn't quite understand , my eyes wandered off to the boy who was seated beside Zayn . This mystery boy had curly brown hair cascading down on it's sides and ad the most beautiful shade of emerald green eyes . " And last but not least , we have Harry ! " cheered Liam and as he  did the audience grew wild . 'AHH ! so that's the hottie's name !' my subconscious spoke . The boy named Harry spoke softly into the mic and boy did my stomach do freaking flips as he spoke , voice raspy and charming making me feel giddy . Melissa on the other hand was jumping up and down on her seat unable to contain her fangirling , ear piercing scream . I unlike her just sat on the couch watching the boys on tv containing my excitement .  " Ok viewers , I know some of you - eehr correction MOST of you are anxious to know why we have One Direction here as our guests this evening . Well boys care to explain ? "  the reporter whom I came to find out was named Jimmy asked . I stared at him anxiously awaiting their reply.

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