Afire Love

Bullied her entire life ,
With no one by her side ,
Emily Saunder's silent cries,
Are heard when He entered her life ,
He thought she was just a lost lamb ,
But she was more than that ,
She was as fragile as glass ,
For he heart was torn about a million times ,
By some careless , deceiving fool ,
She knows his story ,
His life an open book ,
Simply normal , amazing and filled with peace
Unlike her constant turmoil ,
Of problems radiating around her surroundings .

What happens when she becomes close friends with the famous Harry Styles ?
Of course she receives hate !
She starts falling for him ,
But fortunately he's currently busy ,
Dating a slut which once was Emily's bully .
She tries to persuade and warn him of the skank he's with
Yet things turn into a messy fight .
Will things become alright ?
Or will she end her life ?
Seeing the boy she loves the most ,
Love the girl who bullied her all the time ?


1. Pain


    Author's Note : 

 Hey Guys ! Im so sorry but i decided to delete the older chapters and re write from the begining because i felt like the  first plot was a bit cheesy . I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused , but I promise this will be the start of something new, unique and full of surprises . Thank you all for bearing with me and hope you all will enjoy reading . Remember to share my fanfic to as many people as possible and vote my for my fanfic in the #1Dfanfic comptetition . 

Love , 








" Crowded hallways are the loneliest places
 For outcasts and rebels
 Or anyone who just dares to be different
 And you've been trying for so long
 To find out where your place is
 But in their narrow minds
 There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different
 Oh, but listen for a minute

 Trust the one
 Who's been where you are wishing all it was
 Was sticks and stones
 Those words cut deep but they don't mean you're all alone
 And you're not invisible
 Hear me out,
 There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now
 Someday you'll look back on all these days
 And all this pain is gonna be invisible
 Oh, invisible " 

I quietly sobbed and let the lyrics sink in , along with the pain I've been bottling up inside of me .Bullied and alone in this dark , cruel shit hole known as Life . Depressed , stressed and tremendously fat is what I am . I hide the pain behind my toothy smile and the tears I keep locked away deep beneath my sea blue eyes. Some would think I live a normal life , being rich and all that shit . But honestly , my life isn't normal . Never was and never will be . My life consisted on the usual routie . Wake up, Get Dressed , Head off to school , Get bullied and Come back home to an empty house . My parents were never home due to their constant business meetings and stuff like that so i figured I'd spend the entire afternoon and evening to myself .  As I arrive home , I change out of my school uniform and into a pair of sweatpants and a big wollen sweater before slumping down onto my bed and drift off to deep sleep , tears still streaming down my face. 

** Flashback ** 

" Awwww. Girls look at what I found ! " screeched Chelsey Adams , Cheshire High School's major slut .Her face caked with thick and heavy make up which honestly made her look like a clown . She wore her usual attire ; a shirt with an extremely low neckline exposing most of her cleavage . " Leave me alone !" I hissed as she began fiddling with my hair. I was in no mood for games which was the exact opposite to Chelsey . She loved ruining  everyone and everything in her path . " Feisty aren't we ? " she exclaimed with a devious smirk across her face . " No just let me be ! "  I shouted , shoving past her in the process . But before I could manage to escape I felt someone grab hold of my wrists tightly and shove me  towards the ladies washroom . I flinched and turned to meet non other than Chelsey . " Listen carefully bitch ! " she yelled before bringing her hand to my face in the process . The sharp pain pierced through my cheeks making me want to literally rip her head off . " You're-*hit*- a slut -hit*- who- *hit*- doesn't -*hit*- deserve -*hit*-to live ! "As usual that was impossible for her annoying minions , Megan and Hannah were holding me back . Chelsey  just stood there and laughed at my desperate attempt to free myself and attack her that instant . 'That's it ! I've Had Enough Of Your Bullshit Chelsey ! ' I thought to myself. I couldn't contain my rage any further  and before  she could take another swing at me , I pinched Megan's left forearm and elbow causing them to both shriek in pain . I used this to my advantage and turned to Chelsey who looked dumbfounded for a moment before rushing towards me pulling my hair in the process like a retarded bitch that she is . " YOU SLUT ! " she yelled in between her actions . I pushed her towards the bathroom sink and jabbed her chin . ( This was one of the lessons I learnt from Liam my best friend during his boxing classes .)  She stumbled backwards trying to gain her balance which unfortunately failed  . As bad as it may sound , I felt relieved to let all that rage out and stand up for myself . 'Not for along' my subconscious spoke to me and it wasn't long until my face met the familiar cold surface of the floor . GREAT ! now back to square one ! I rubbed my eyes repeatedly trying to adjust to the light , searching for my spectacles . " Awwww...sweety are you looking for this ? " spoke a familiar obnoxious voice whom i guessed was Chelsey . I also heard muffled laughs and instantly knew that her minions we behind me . "Giv-ive me back my glasses ! " I yelled in between sobs . " Aww.. the ugly creature is crying !!. BOO - HOO ! Somebody call her mummy, the Queen of England to rescue her fat ass ! " snickered Chelsey . Although i was temporarily blind , I could tell that she was smirking like an idiot and once again I felt something snap inside off me before I completely lost it . " GIVE ME BACK MY GLASSES YOU WHORE ! " I screamed , anger quickly engulfing me as I launched towards a blurry black shadow towards me but was instead greeted to sin filled with cold water . A hand was firmly pressed at the back of my head preventing me from raising . I immediately start choking as water quickly filled my nostrils, making it hardly to breathe . I felt someone instantly pull me back and realized that it was Mrs Ferguson our school receptionist . She smiled softly to me before turning to Chelsey's little posse . "What the hell happened here ?" she spoke voice filled with disappointment . " Never mind . Principal's office all of you ! " she spoke sternly before ushering Chelsey , Megan and Hannah out of the convenience room . " Are you okay Ms -" " Roberts and yes I'm fine thank you " I responded  cutting her mid way throughout her sentence. " Uhmm... I'll be on my-y wa-wayy " I stuttered before rushing out of the room before she could protest . 








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