One in a Million

Sarah and her best friend Chloe have transferred to a new high school for their senior year, and they are ready for the ups and downs of a new high school, or so they think. When Sarah and Chloe get tickets to a One Direction Concert they realize that things might not go as they planned as they soon find out that they are stuck at the arena with no gas in their car and no battery in their phones to call for help. Follow Sarah and Chloe on a journey that will gain them new friends. But will everything go well? Or will some trouble brew between them as story continues.


1. Late For A Very Important Date


I yelled as we ran up to the front door of Willsbury High. We dashed into the building and started to frantically look for the main office, we were so late that the halls were already deserted.

"There it is!" She gasped,

and we finally allowed ourselves to calm down. We walked in to see a room that had a big desk and was filled with filing cabinets and a lady on the phone, "- yes, yea, uhhu, will that be all?". She looked up at us holding up one finger to let us know to wait a minute. " great so if there is anything else you need to know just call," she set down the phone and looked at us and asked

" is there anything I can help you with?"

She looked kind and I noticed that a name tag stated that her name was Mrs. Brook. Chloe spoke up,

"We are late and we were wondering where Mr. Madrick's class room was?" She grabbed a little pink paper and started to fill something out,

" Ok so you will have to give your teacher a late slip for today but since it is the first day I don't think anyone will be giving any detentions," she explained. Finished with filling out the slip she handed it to each of us, " Mr. Madrick's classroom is down the hall to the left at the end there is a set of stairs go up one floor then go down the hall to the sixth door on the right."

Then she hands us a small map of what was probably of the school. " You might want to hurry he isn't a mean teacher but he doesn't like anyone being late." With that we thanked her and headed out the door and followed her directions jogging as fast as we could without getting in trouble.

" Thank God we aren't in trouble," I laughed,

and Chloe joined in saying "Yea I don't know what would have happened if we were any later!"

Chloe and I shared first period together so we walked up to the door and knocked. I suddenly realized how awkward this was going to be being ten minutes late and all. All to soon the door was opened by a man who was probably in his mid twenties,

" Nice of you to join us today students, please join class quickly, take any seat." We both handed him our slips as i  looked passed him at the class who were still getting settled in and we're not paying attention. We walked in and everyone's face turned to look at us, I could feel everyone's gaze burning into the back of my head we made our way across the room as quickly and quietly as we could.

Chloe and I crossed the front of the room and went to the back and took the only two seats that were open. Everyone seemed to loose interest and went back to their conversations. I let out a sigh; being late for the first day of senior year at a new high school was not the smartest thing to do, I was just happy we made it at all.

I turned to Chloe and we both burst out laughing but were quickly silenced by the teacher. Mr. Mr. Madrick was explaining our schedule and what we were going to be doing for this semester, after about fifteen minutes he let us do whatever we wanted. immediately half the class got out their phones and started texting or playing games.

I turned to Chloe," Sheesh why does everyone have to play on their iphones and things."

"What?" she asked as she turned her face from her phone to me.

I sighed to myself and left her there wondering what i was saying. I let my thoughts wander and a smile came to my face when i remembered what had happened this morning. This morning everything seemed to go wrong; the clothes I set out last night so I wouldn't have to worry about it today were gone and my shoes were nowhere to be seen. And finally when Chloe came to pick me up we ran out of gas on the way there, we pulled over to the side of the road

" Daddddd ughhh you said you filled the car with gas!" She screeched to herself, Chloe wasn't always the person to be on top of things.

" We will have to walk there," I replied to her wailing. " there is no time to ask anyone for a ride," i frowned, this was going to suck. I looked at my phone and it read 8:25, class started in five minutes. I sighed and turned to Chloe who was still cursing herself. "Well I guess we will have to run," the school was at least three miles away. I had been on the track team since sixth grade but Chloe was not up to date and kept lagging behind. After 15 minutes we walked up to the school, and that was how well my morning went today.

We didn't do much for the rest of the day except for introductions and orientation, so when lunch came around I was ecstatic. I found my way to the cafeteria and looked over people's heads for Chloe, it didn't take long and I walked up to her

" Hey Chloe," she turned and smiles at my familiar voice,

" Hey Sarah," I probably forgot to mention which I usually do, my name is Sarah. I have medium length brown wavy hair that I hate, dull blue eyes, and longs legs which I loved. We walked to where the line started and talked about how school was going so far, when we got to the topic of her birthday which was only yesterday. I know right who has a birthday the day before school starts seriously.

" Ya I can't believe that my grandma bought me two tickets to the One Direction Concert! Maybe Louis will notice me!" she somehow squealed even higher while freaking out drawing us unwanted attention. I shook her until she stopped squealing like well... a crazy fan girl. I was a fan of 1D as much as she was but I was not crazy. We got our food and found a place to sit bye a small group of people who were talking about how hot some actor was.

"Sheesh Chloe you need to calm down or i wont go with you to the concert and you will be all by yourself with probably your mom.." I told her as I took a bite into my sandwich.

" You of all people know that I can't help it; they are just crazy hot!" She replied with her mouth full of salad. "Besides you should be happy that i am bringing you, and since I am the one taking you to the concert you should embrace it. You are kinda stuck with me for at least the end of the year."

"Ha," I laughed, " there is no way I will ever do that, you can stick to your crazy ways I like mine the way they are."

" Ya I thought you would I just can't believe it is in only a few days!!!" Realization hit her " What are we going to wear!?" She stood up a squealed " We can go to the mall this weekend!"

"Ughhhhh," I grunted. I was ok with the mall but something's it got on my nerves, " All right fine" I relented. " but no dresses for me."

She let out a giggle, " We will see about that."

I Frowned as we got up to throw our trash away.

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