Always And Forever

After the confrontation between the Cullens and the Volturi a strong friendship develops between the two covens. When Renesmee finally celebrates her 18 birthday she decides to pay a visit to her family friends in Italy. Along with her she takes her best friend Alexandra who appears to be the daughter of Caius one of the Volturi. But she of course doesn't know that. Not only Alex will find her father but she will also fall in love with an arrogan and selfish vampire who also appears to be extremely attractive.



9. Chapter 9


I woke up without knowing were I was or how I got here. All I knew was that my whole body was in terrible pain and my head was pounding. I looked around and figured I was in a hospital only I didn't really remember getting here. I tried to think what happened bit it was impossible with this headache. Looking outside the window I saw it was pitch black which meant it was at least midnight. I tried to get up bit it was pointless. I started thinking that I should try and shout but the door burst open and a dozen of people came inside. The first person that caught my eye was Alec.

Alec. For the first time I realized just how much I liked him. His beautiful face only was enough to light my spirit instantly. He looked at me and smiled as he came to kiss my forehead and sighed in obvious relief.

"You scared us you goof" He said and touched my forehead lightly. It was the first time he was doing something like that and it made me like him even more. His red eyes looked me intensely and I smiled at him. After him I noticed everyone else in the room. Nessie, Demetri, Felix, Jane, Caius, Aro and Marcus.

"Scared us? That's putting it lightly. You scared the hell out of us and wait to see what it did to Rosalie. She is freaking out. She will be there tomorrow along with Jacob" Nessie said us she came to hug me carefully. I was really happy to hear that Rose would be coming but why Fiddo was coming along.

"If I wanted a pet I would buy a cat. I don't like dogs. Especially Fiddo. He makes me itchy" I said sarcastically but Nessie didn't seem to appreciate my tone.

"Who is Fiddo? I thought the only ones coming were Rose and that Jacob guy" Said Jane curiously.

"Jacob is Fiddo. Rosalie gave him that nickname and of course Alex being her usual mean self calls him that way too" Nessie said

"Hey I am not mean okay. That guy is an idiot. It's not my fault that he looks and smells like a dog" I said defensively.

"We will deal with that later. Right now what's important is that you get better. Until then we will let you to get some rest and come and see you tomorrow. Alec will stay with you though" I heard Caius say and it reminded me to ask how exactly I had gotten here.

"What happened? How did I get here? What's wrong with me?" I asked worryingly.

"Nothing is wrong with you. It's just a bad fever. That's all. You will get better soon" Alec said reassuringly but I couldn't believe him. My body proved that this was not just a fever. I was feeling like I had been involved in a car accident.

"I think it's better we tell her the truth. She deserves to know" I heard Felix say.

"Shut up Felix" Alec growled beside me. I looked at both of them wondering what was all this about. What was happening to me. I was about to say something when Aro talked.

"Felix is right. She deserves to know about her health but it's better that you get some rest for now dear. We will explain everything tomorrow. Until then I wish you a good night." I wanted to protest but didn't have time. They all kissed me goodnight even Demetri and left me and Alec. As soon as they were gone I turned to look at him and he was looking at me with a worried face.

"Don't give me that look I won't say anything"

"I deserve to know what's going on with me don't you think" I pointed out but Alec just shook his head. I was about to ask him to tell me again but then I suddenly remembered exactly what had happened. I remembered me being drunk. Then me dancing with a guy and Alec shoving him away and then Alec and me kissing. Oh that was a very good kiss. And then I couldn't breath and I fainted. That's all I remember but I thought it was enough. That wasn't just e fever. It was something far more serious and no one was telling me.

"Tell me" I said again " I deserve to know. It's my life not yours. It's my right to know."

Alec looked at me trying to figure out what to do. After what seemed like an eternity he finally spoke.

"Okay so first of all you have been asleep for two whole days and trust me they weren't pleasant for any of us. The night I brought you here you had been drinking but when you fainted you were starting to sober up so it wasn't because of that. After we broke that kiss you couldn't breath but you recovered and after a while you fainted. I brought you here and called the others. The doctors were examining you about four hours and we were all freaking out because we had no idea what was going on. I mean we knew you were alive because we could hear your heartbeat but it was really slow though. After what seemed an eternity, well to me at least, one of the doctors came out and said you had a serious illness. Don't ask me what it's called I don't remember. I remember though that it almost killed you. The doctor said it was caused by a lot of stress and it was affecting your brain. We were lucky you had that crisis that night or else-" Alec didn't finish what he was about to say but I knew what he was going to say. If he hadn't brought me to the hospital that night there was a great chance I would be dead. I looked at him and saw his terrified face. I wondered why he was so worried. It almost seemed like he cared about me. And that kiss. That kiss must have meant something right?

"Why did you kissed me?"

"You are kidding me right? I tell you that you almost died and you ask me why I kissed you?" He asked not believing what he was hearing.

"No I am serious. Why did you kiss me and why were you so worried about what would happen to me. I mean you seemed pretty convinced to kill me yourself" I said simply.

"Before I kissed you said that you thought I was frustrating and that I was driving you mad but you liked being around me. You know what. I am feeling the same way about you. You are driving me mad. Everything about you drives me mad. One moment I want to struggle you and the next I want to kiss you and as you said yourself I can't explain it either" he said and a huge smile spread on my face. This was probably the best moment of my life. Until now I thought he would never turn to look at me and now he was clearly telling me that he liked me. For a moment I wondered if this was part of some plan but as I looked him in the eye I saw truth and honesty in them. I didn't really have the time to say anything. He leaned closer and crushed his lips to mine. This kiss in contrast to the other was more sweet. It was slow and passionate. To my disappointment it didn't last long.

"You need to get some sleep. The doctor said you need to rest as much us you can" Alec said and kissed my forehead. I looked at him for a few more seconds before I felt my eyes close. I couldn't believe that this man had just expressed my feelings for me. Well kind of. But it was enough for me.

I didn't really remember falling asleep. What I remembered though was dreaming of Alec holding me in his arms and he was about to kiss me when the voices of two people arguing woke me up. I opened my eyes slowly and searched for Alec. As soon as he saw I was awake he was beside me in vampire sleep and kissed my forehead and smiled at me.

"Thank God you are okay. I was so worried about you. We all were. Esme is freaking out. The only reason she didn't come was because Alice convinced her that you would be fine" I heard Rose say as she came to hug me carefully and kissed me on the cheek. She looked adoringly at me and I smiled at her truly happy to see her. I had literally grown up in Rosalie's arms and she was the mother I never had.

"I wasn't worried about you at all. I just came to see Nessie" I heard Jacob explain from the far end of the room. Both me and Rose turned to glare at him.

"I didn't know dogs were allowed in here" I said sarcastically but he didn't seem to mind my comment.

"No one asked for your opinion Fiddo. Now get out and go do something productive like kill yourself" Rosalie said and Jacob burst out laughing but did as Rose said and left the room.

"Alec could you please leave us. I would like to have some time alone with her" Rose said. Alec looked at me for a few more seconds and left the room. After a few seconds Rosalie turned to me and raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Well that's unexpected" Rosalie said and I put my innocent face on.

"Don't look at me like that. I know you inside out. How did That happen. I mean I can see why you like him. He obviously cares about you which is kind of hard to believe since Alec cares only about himself and there is also the thing with his good looks which I guess was what drew you to him" Rosalie said coming closer to him.

"No I think it was the fact that he is jerk" I said and we both laughed.

"You know I will be there whatever you decide. If you want to be with him then fine. If you don't then fine again" she said and kissed my forehead.

"I really don't know what we are at this moment but I want him that's for sure. He might look heartless and all but he isn't. Well some times at least." We laughed at that again and talked a little more about Alec. We also talked about how Bella and Edward had their first fight when they had went hunting. I burst out laughing as she told me what had happened.

I didn't know how much time had passed when she said she had to get back although she was having second thoughts about it.

"It's okay Rose. I will be fine" I reassured her.

"Yeah I can guarantee that" said Alec who just entered the room. He shot me one of those beautiful smiles and I felt myself melt.

"Okay okay. I am leaving. Be careful okay? I love you" she said and kissed my forehead once again. As soon as he left came to my side and sat on my bed.

"I always thought she was a coldhearted bitch but she isn't" he said while rubbing my stomach lightly. Electricity shot through my body as he touched me and I shivered slightly. A grin appeared on his face probably because he was so aware of what effect he had on me.

"She was never a coldhearted bitch. She was just sad. She lost the ability to choose how her life was going to proceed. Everything she had and everything she ever wanted was taken away from her. But she changed when I was born. She always wanted a baby and there I was" I said gesturing to myself.

"I see" it was his only response. He leaned down and kissed me. It was one of those kisses that took my breath away. his hand travelled from my breast to my stomach and rested on my hip. He kissed me slowly and passionately before breaking the kiss and then planting a kiss on my forehead. I was left panting for breath once again as I looked into his deep red eyes. I smiled at him and he caressed my face with his hand. Without even realizing it I fell asleep. And it was probably the best sleep I ever had.

Because I had Alec by my side.

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