Always And Forever

After the confrontation between the Cullens and the Volturi a strong friendship develops between the two covens. When Renesmee finally celebrates her 18 birthday she decides to pay a visit to her family friends in Italy. Along with her she takes her best friend Alexandra who appears to be the daughter of Caius one of the Volturi. But she of course doesn't know that. Not only Alex will find her father but she will also fall in love with an arrogan and selfish vampire who also appears to be extremely attractive.



5. Chapter 5


Me and Nessie went shopping the next day. We looked around for hours until we found something proper about this dance. I chose a bright red strapless princess-like dress and Nessie chose a dark blue princess-like dress with long sleeves which were made from lace and had roses embroidered on it. It was very beautiful and brought out her features perfectly.

After so many hours of shopping we decided to go grab something to eat. We went to the same restaurant me and Alec were the previous day. We ordered and chatted not mentioning anything important as Felix was with us too. He was Nessie's guard after all and someone had had to come with us. Alec said he could come too but I needed a day away from him to clear u thoughts.

Last night I had admitted to myself that I liked him which on my opinion was a very very bad thing. Because he obviously could never like me. It was not that I wasn't beautiful or something because let's face it I was very good looking or so they told me. I had long blonde hair which were like golden under the sun. Green eyes which in my opinion made me look very cold but everyone else said they were amazing. I wasn't really talk only 5'5 but i mostly wore heels so I was fine. So the possibility of him not liking my appearance was very little but not nonexistent because let's not forget that he had been around vampire women all his life who must have looked dazzling. Which made me wonder with how many women had he been with. Which also made me wonder what had he been doing with these women and suddenly I wondered how it would be if he was doing these things with me. Kissing my neck my lips-.

"Alex!" I heard Nessie's voice and I realized that I have had closed my eyes which must have seemed really weird.

"Are you listening to me?" She asked.

"Yeah of course I am" I lied hoping she would not ask me to tell her what she had said. Thankfully she didn't but I gad a feeling she would ask me about what I was thinking later.

"Ladies we have to get back" Felix said in a simple tone and got up. We followed him and after a while we were in the castle. Felix told us he had something to do so I was left with Nessie. When we reached me room I was about to tell her I would go and have a shower but she entered my room and went to sit on the bed but stopped as something on my bed caught her eye. I approached to see what it was and was left speechless when I saw the dress on my bed. It was probably the most gorgeous drees I have ever seen. It was a black strapless drees with its top embroidered with diamonds. The bottom was made from tulle and it was just amazing.

"Forget what you bought. This is what you are wearing tonight" Nessie said looking at the dress with an expression of awe. I looked back at the dress and saw a peace of paper on it. I picked it up to see what it was written on it.

Dear Alexandra,

This is the dress your mother wore on her first dance here. I know that she would want you to wear it too. I am sure you will look as beautiful as she did.

Sincerely Caius.

I looked at the letter in my hand and then looked at the dress. It was my mothers. But why did Caius have my mothers dress?

"Forget what you bought. You are wearing this tonight although it is kind of strange" she said and looked at me making a face which meant she was thinking about something.

"What is strange?"I asked curiously.

"You know Caius. He is very nice at you and seems to like you which is kind of rare because the guy doesn't like many people" she said casually and I had to admit she had a point.

"What can I say I am a very likable person" I said and we both burst out laughing.

"Anyway you are gonna take away his breath with this" Renesmee said and pointed at the dress.

"Whose breath am I gonna take exactly?" I asked although I knew very well who he meant.

"You know who. Don't play dumb with me" there was no reason to argue with her. I simply nodded and looked at the dress again. Was there any chance that Alec would like me in this dress? I really hope there was.

"I am gonna leave you to get ready." Nessie said and gave me a hug and disappeared.

After three hours I was ready. I had showered, dressed and done my hair. I went to look myself in the mirror and I was left speechless for once again. The girl in front of me looked very nice. My hair was up in a way brides wore their hair and my make up looked very simple although it had taken me half an hour to make it. The dress hugged my body perfectly and it looked amazing.

Just then I heard a knock on the door and I suddenly became very nervous. It was probably Alec and I wondered what he would think of me. My heart was beating a little but too fast and I tried to remain calm because I knew he could hear me. I went to open the door as steadily as I could but when I opened any sign of self control I had and trust me it wasn't very much, disappeared. Alec was standing in front of me with a look of awe in his eyes which meant he liked what he was seeing. But that was not what left me there watching at him. He was wearing a very nice suit with a dark blue shirt and black tie and his perfume. Oh my god. It was extremely beautiful. No he was extremely beautiful so much it hurt.

"You look nice tonight" he said and I snapped out of my thoughts immediately. Nice?

"Just nice? I spent three hours for this" I pointed at myself from head to toe "and you say I look nice?" I said and my mood fell instantly. I thought from the look on his face that he liked the way I looked very much. Apparently I was wrong.

He came closer and looked at me with a smirk on his face and then touched my cheek with his hand. My heart started beating like crazy and I caught my breath. I looked at him in the eye and for that moment all I wanted to do is kiss him.

"You look beautiful" he said in a low seductive voice. I looked at him and felt like fainting. Did he just call me beautiful or was it my imagination? No I think he did. He called me beautiful. My stomach was full of those annoying butterflies and I smiled at him.

"Thank you" I said trying to remain as calm as possible.

"Come in we should go" he said and we both headed to the throne room. Apparently that's where all the big events happened. We entered the room and I was taken aback from the whole place. It was very crowded with vampires obviously and it was dimly lit as the only light came from the candles that were lighten up. The whole atmosphere was amazing and the light music on the background made it even better.

"Alexandra my dear you look amazing" I heard Aro's voice call from behind me. I turned to look at him and smiled. Beside him was his wife Sulpicia. I smiled and hugged her and she hugged me back. I hadn't seen her in a long time. Last time Aro came to visit us she wasn't with him.

"I am so glad to see you again Alexandra. You have grown so much. You have become a very beautiful young lady" she said and looked at me with a proud look on her face.

"Thank you both" I said and smiled simply. I didn't really know what else to say.

"Well Aro let's go and leave the kids to themselves. Enjoy yourselves darlings" Sulpicia said and looked knowingly at both me and Alec. Aro laughed slightly and left with her. Alec beside me shook his head in desperation and looked at me.

"So will you do me the honor to dance with me" he said and gave me his hand. I smiled at him and took his hand. He lead me where everyone else was dancing and putted a hand around my waist and brought me closer to him. I put my hand around his neck and took his free hand with the other and we both started dancing. His hand felt warm in mine although I knew vampires were very cold. He was looking at me intensely and I had to try very hard to remain in control. Suddenly he pushed even closer to him and I was left breathless. I looked at him and felt my cheeks turn red.

"You seem nervous" he said and brought his face closer to mine. I couldn't do this any more. It was too much. My head was pounding and I felt dizzy. I closed my eyes for a second and had to put all my strength to open them again. What was happening to me? Was all these caused by him.

I was about to answer to him but Felix interrupted us " I think you owe me a dance kiddo" he said and pointed at me. I looked at Alec and shrugged. I was thankful for Felix's appearance because I wasn't sure how much longer I could stand it. Alec sighed and left me with Felix.

"So you and Alec huh?" He said looking at me meaningfully.

"I have no idea what you are talking about" I said innocently.

"Oh come on it is obvious." He said and I raised an eyebrow at him. What exactly was obvious? The fact that I liked him.

"Nothing is going on. We are just getting along better" I said trying to be convincing.

"Whatever you say I don't believe you" he said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

I left Felix after that and went to search for Alec. After a little I found him in the balcony of the library.

"What are you doing here?" I asked curiously but he didn't answer me. Instead he turned around to look at me and did the most unexpected thing.

He kissed me!

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