Always And Forever

After the confrontation between the Cullens and the Volturi a strong friendship develops between the two covens. When Renesmee finally celebrates her 18 birthday she decides to pay a visit to her family friends in Italy. Along with her she takes her best friend Alexandra who appears to be the daughter of Caius one of the Volturi. But she of course doesn't know that. Not only Alex will find her father but she will also fall in love with an arrogan and selfish vampire who also appears to be extremely attractive.



1. Chapter 1


I really didn't know why Renesmee wanted to visit the Volturi so badly. Okay they were family friends and she really liked them but let's not forget they were also murderers. They killed innocent people so they could feed. Jesus. And as far as I am concerned how was I sure no one of them would try to make me their lunch. You see I instead of my family was completely human but I was immortal which was beyond weird.Carlisle had once tried to explain it to me as better as he could because he didn't even understand how this thing was possible. He thought that it had to do something with my mother being a half-breed just like Nessie. Which meant that she was half human-half vampire. My father was a full vampire whom I had never met by the way. Not that I had met my mom. She died when giving birth to me. Anyway Carlisle thinks that the reason I am immortal though human is that. As I mentioned before I had never met my parents so I grew up with the Cullens. They were my family and I loved them very much. Especially Nessie who was my best friend. She of course grew up a lot faster than I did. When I was eight years old she was a full grown woman but that didn't stop us. She was kind of my big sister then. Now she was my sister and also my best friend. But at the same time she was a real pain in the ass. I didn't want to go to Italy but she was practically forcing me too. She kept saying that she had missed Italy and it was a great chance to go shopping in which I would agree if I didn't know her better. She wanted to go there first of all so she could get away from the dog sorry I mean Jacob who had imprinted on her and was ready to express his feelings towards her. What an idiot. For some unexplained reason I never liked Jacob. Maybe it had to do with the fact that the member of the family who I was all the time when I was little was Rose and she hated Black. Anyway. The second reason was because even though she didn't want to admit it she was head over heals for one of the Volturi guards. Demetri. He wasn't bad looking or anything but he was really scary. The first time I saw him was when I was nine and the moment I laid eyes on him and he looked at me with that serious face and the red eyes I started screaming and ran to my bedroom and stayed there for three whole days. Rose finally convinced me that he was not gonna hurt me and I got out of my room but stayed with Rose or Emmet all the time. Now I wasn't so afraid of him considering I had talked to the guy and he was pretty cool but a murdered nonetheless. But that was not the reason I didn't want to go. Truth is I wasn't really ready to go on a trip right now. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and all I wanted was to lay in my bed all day and listen to sad music. We had been together for five whole years. George and I had met in high school when we lived in Chicago. One month ago we decided to move in Forks again and that's why we had to break up. It was maybe the most difficult thing I had to do. Leaving him had literally broken my heart and I hate to think what it had done to him. He always talked about how we were gonna be together forever and we were gonna get married. The marriege part was never gonna happen because I wasn't really the type. Not that the forever thing was going to happen he was going to grow old and I wouldn't. I remember the first time we slept together he told me it would be a privilege to spend the rest of his life by my side and I started crying because I know it was never gonna happen. As I remembered all the times we had spent together a tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly washed it away.

"Alex come on we are gonna loose our flight" I heard Nessie call from downstairs. I sighed and walked downstairs where my whole family had gathered to say goodbye to us.

"Just so you know I still don't want to come" I stated as I walked down the stairs

"Oh come on it is going to be fun" Nessie said enthusiastically

"Nessie is right. It will do good to you both to go on a little vocation" Rosalie said rubbing my shoulders adoringly. Rose was like my mother. Everyone in this family love me but she especially adored me. It was because when she was still human she really wanted a baby but she never got the chance. I was her chance.

"And also it is a good chance to go shopping. Italy is the second better place for shopping" Alice stated happily. The best place of course according to Alice was Paris. I loved shopping but I didn't really see the point. Alice had gone shopping a few days ago and had bought enough clothes for three months for me and Nessie. So I didn't really see the point to go and buy new clothes

"And please stay out if trouble" Emmet said referring especially to me. Since I broke up with George I kind of had had the regency to forget everything which led to me getting drunk which in turn lead me on the police department

"I promise Em. I won't even consider getting drunk" I promised but I wasn't really sure if I could keep my promise because you see in Italy there wasn't really a drinking limit so u didn't have to get a new fake ID. Carlisle took the one I had.

"Okay okay! Now let's go. I don't want to be late". Nessie said again. With that we hugged everyone and started leaving but just as I was at the door I remembered something

"Rose could you please ask someone to bring me my car" I asked and Rose smiled and just nodded. There was no way I was going to Italy for God knows how long and leave my loving car behind. An amazing black porche cayenne which had been given to me when I closed 18 which was 3 years ago. Which meant I know was 21 one but of course I had stiopped aging when I was 17.

Both me and Nessie entered the cab that was waiting outside the house for us and stayed silent for the whole drive until the airport. I was really greatful for her silence and amazed at the same time. It was wired for her not to talk. But as soon as we entered the airplane and took our sits she started talking.

"I am really excited about this trip and I know that deep down you are too" she said enthusiastically.

"You know I am not" I replied. She looked at me and smiled sympathetically.

"You know you have to get over him right. I don't wanna be mean or anything but let's face it. It was not gonna end up well and we all knew it" She said looking at me still sympathetically. I know she was right and I had been saying that to myself for over a month now but I just couldn't do it. Me and feather had been together for far too long for me to forget so easily.

"I know that it is just difficult for me to accept it. I guess I just need more time" I said in a low voice and leaned my head on her shoulder.

"Well you will have as much time as you wish and also a lot of Italian good looking guys who will be more than willing to make you forget" she said and we both laughed at that.

"You are probably right" I said and sighed. We didn't talk much after that. She just kept talking about how excited she was about seeing Demetri and that she hoped he liked her to and that they would hook up or something.

When we arrived and took a cab to take us to Voltera I was already exhausted and I just wanted to sleep but as soon as we approached the city the beauty of it woke me up immediately. All the building looked very old but beautiful at the same time. They were built in a similar way but they were amazing to look at. Also it was dark and the lights made the city more beautiful. After a little while the cab stopped and said that's how far he could go and that we would have to walk from now on. All that in Italian of course and I didn't understand a word he said until Nessie explained it to me. After what seemed like half an hour of walking I sat on the first bench I found to get some rest because I was really starting to get very tired. She being the half-vampire had a lot more endurance than I did.

"You have no idea which way to go do you?" I asked already knowing the answer. But just before she could say a world a dark figure slammed her to the nearest wall. My first thought was that I was going to die so I started praying but as soon as I heard Nessie laugh I relaxed a little bit. Maybe I wasn't going to die. As the figure let Nessie go and approached me I saw his face and relaxed completely.

"Jesus Felix! You scared the hell out of me. Do I need to remind you that I am human and also very keen to heart attacks." I said as I hugged the vampire in front of me. Felix was one of the guards of the Volturi and probably my favorite. He was tall with dark hair and really muscular. He was exactly like Emmet. And when I say exactly I mean exactly. He used to say idiotic jokes and tease me all the time. Just like Emmet did.

"Well that was my purpose. To scare you. You have really grown up kid and finally gained some weight. You were really thin last time I saw you" he said cheerfully and I glared at him

"Felix I stopped aging 3 years ago and you saw me last Christmas. And I have not gained weight at all." I said emphasizing the last part. As far as I remember I had managed to keep my weight the same for the past two years.

"So how is everyone?" Nessie asked I a happy tone but before Felix could answer a figure approached from behind Him and as soon as I saw him I was left speechless. Holly mother of Jesus. This guy was beyond beautiful. He was just gorgeous. He had dark hair and his face was so angelic and beautiful. Only his red eyes didn't match the whole angel thing but they made him sexy. Very very sexy. He looked at me from head to toe with a face that showed he didn't like me but he was also looking at me like he was trying to figure out who I was. I didn't know who he was. I knew some of the Volturi but not all of them. There were others. I guess he was one of them. And when I though he couldn't be more perfect he talked and his voice was the most alluring and perfect thing I had ever heard. So deep and sexy. What the hell was happening to me

"Could you continue this once we go back. Because I am really getting tired and that one seems like it is going to faint." He said pointing at me. Did he just call me "it"? I didn't know who the hell he thought he was but he had no right to talk to me like that. I heard Nessie from behind me tell Felix that this was going to be nice. She knew me and she knew there was no way I would let that so easily

"I don't know who the hell you think you are but you have no right to call me it. I have a name and if you want to talk to me you are gonna call me with it. If you do not agree then don't talk to me at all" I snapped and looked him in the eye. He seemed quite amused by my outburst and I was sure as hell I heard Felix say "that one was nice"

"Or what? You are gonna bite me?" He asked in a sarcastic voice

"Actually no. You see I have much better things to do than argue with an arrogant-" I never got the chance to finish what I wanted to say because he in vamp speed caught by the neck and slammed me hard on the wall. I hit my head so hard that I felt like I was going to faint right there. My body suddenly felt really weak and I had to use all my force to keep my eyes open. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of fainting. He came closer and I could almost feel his breath

"You should watch your language if you don't want to end up dead. Got it?" He said in a low voice and I freaked out more but didn't show anything. I didn't know who this guy was but I sure as hell was going to stay away. I simply mobbed but he didn't let go of my neck. I was hardly breathing but the illogical part of my brain was thinking how close he was and how nice he smelled. I tried to remind to that part of my brain that this guy was causing me a terrible headache and he was also threatening to kill me. Felix was by our side trying but failing to get him away from me

"Alec man are you crazy? She is human remember? Felix said and when I heard his name I was sure I was going to faint. Alec? Seriously? As in Alec Jane's brother. The one who had the ability to take away your senses. The guy could kill me and I wouldn't even notice it. Although I think he wouldn't do me the favor to kill me without me feeling the pain

Alec didn't seem to care that I use human so he glared at Felix and then me before letting me fall to the ground and turning around to start walking forward ordering us to follow him.

Nessie came immediately and helped me up

"Are you okay?" She asked as we walked behind Alec and Felix.

"Perfect" I said in a sarcastic tone and I sure heard Alec hiss.

"You know Alec you could try and be nice sometime" Nessie stated.

"This is me being nice. If you like it fine if you don't your problem"Alec said and shrugged. This guy was unbelievable. He really did justice to the rumors about him. He was pure evil, ruthless and heartless.

"Don't worry child Al is in a bad mood today" Felix said in a slow voice like he didn't want Alec to hear him but we all knew he could

"Really? Why are there any days he is in a good mood?" Nessie said sarcastically. I heard Alec growl a little but he didn't turn around. He just kept going until he suddenly disappeared.

"You will have to jump. I will catch you before you hit the ground" Felix said and jumped too

"Are you kidding me? I an not jumping" I stated refusing to do as he said. I saw as Nessie jumped too but I refused to do it.

"Isn't there any other entrance? I mean don't you guys have a proper door?" I asked looking down trying to see the ground but nothing. Suddenly a figure appeared beside me and I screamed with fear but then I saw it was Alec who had obviously come up again.

"This is the way. Now get on with it and jump because I am really loosing my temper" Alec said between clenched teeth. The guy really didn't have any patience. I felt kind of scared but the bold and stupid part of myself felt like pushing him further

"Really? You loose your temper? But that's impossible. You might as we'll be the most patient person I have ever met" I said sarcastically and I heard Felix and Nessie laugh. Alec though didn't seem to appreciate my tone instead he grabbed me by the shoulders and jumped. I didn't have time to scream as I was really shocked with the whole thing. It didn't take long until we hit the ground and he left me down. My heart was pounding on my chest.

"See that wasn't so difficult now was it?" He said and started walking forward. I decided not to talk and no one else did. Not even Felix.

After what seemed as an eternity of walking we came to a stop in front of two huge silver doors. They seemed really heavy but Alec opened them with ease. Once we stepped in I recognized the room to be the throne room Carlisle had described. Three thrones were at the middle of the room and there were sitting three figures. The one in the middle was Aro who I had met before and I kind of liked him. He was kind of creepy but really amusing at the same time. On his right hand was Marcus who I had also met once. The guy seemed really bored as he always did after his wife had died. And on his left hand was Caius. He had blonde hair and I had heard he always looked pissed. I had never met this one but for same strange radon I felt like I knew him and that he reminded me of someone but I couldn't figure out who. Once he laid eyes on me his pissed face seemed to face in Oneida couldn't really describe.

"What a happy surprise. I am so glad you girls decided to come" Aro said with a huge smile and came to hug us both. First Nessie and then me.

"Alexandra my dear. How much you have grown" Aro said and kissed both of my cheeks. Why everyone kept saying I had grown. I hadn't. I smile at him and then Marcus came to hug us too.

"My girls how beautiful you are both." Marcus said.

"Thank you" me and Nessie said in union and then to our surprise Caius came to greet us too.

"It's really nice to meet you young ladies" he said in a serious voice and shook our hands and then returned to his throne as Marcus did. Aro on the other hand stayed with us.

"I am not going to keep you long my dears as I am sure you are exhausted. Carlisle informed you are going to stay here for a while so i thought to assign each on of you a guard in case you want to go to the city. It is a dangerous place to walk on your own. Especially for you my dear Alexandra. That's why I decided Felix to be Renesmee's guardian and Alec to be yours" Aro said smiling.

"No way" me and Alec said in union. I turned to glare at him and he did the same

"Why not?" Aro asked curiously.

"Because I will probably be safer with a serial killer that with Alec" I said sarcastically. Aro smiled and I had the feeling he was not gonna take no for an answer.

"Alec is very capable and I am sure you will be just fine" he said and I decided there was no reason to argue with this man. Alec seemed to realize that too so he just let out a frustrated sigh and said nothing.

"Now please accompany them to their rooms as I am sure they would like to get some rest" Aro said and Felix immediately took Nessie and they walked out of the room in vamp speed of course. I looked at Alec who let out another frustrated sigh but walked out of the room and told me to follow him. We walked in silence until my room. The only sound was my breath and my heart which for some reason was beating really fast. I don't know how I would manage to have him around all the time. It would be a challenge for both of us. After what seemed ten minutes of walking we arrived in front of a door which I assumed was my room. He started walking away but then came to a sudden stop and turned to face me

"If you need anything do me the favor and don't call me" he said in a way that showed he was annoyed by my presence here I just couldn't understand why

"Aro said you are going to be my guardian which I suppose means that if I need something I am going to call you" I said simply and turned to enter my room but he grabbed me by the elbow and stopped me. His hand felt really strange on me. For some unexplained reason he wasn't cold at all. On the contrary his touch was warm. But it also hurt. I was pretty sure it would leave a mark

"I don't care what you suppose. I am not your pet and won't be." He stated in a low voice and turned to leave We'll we are gonna see about that. If he thinks he can treat me like that just because he is much stronger than I then he has no idea what I am capable of. Maybe I can't harm him physically but I can hurt him mentally. With that thought I entered my room and I was left speechless. It was huge. There was a huge king size bed with dark red sheets. There was a fireplace and above it was a large TV. The whole wall that was around the fireplace was a library full of books. Carlisle must have informed them of my addiction. Beside the fireplace there was a very comfortable arm chair. But the most amazing was the glass wall. The wall across me was made just from glass and you could see the whole city from there. It was full dark by now and it was the most amazing view. But I got over the vie as soon as two doors exactly beside the main door caught my eye. I opened the and I was lead into an incredible closet full of clothes and shoes and accessories. It appeared to me that Alice had gone shopping for nothing. I got out of the closet with a heavy heart and headed into the bathroom which as I expected was incredible too. It was huge. It contained a bathtub a jacuzzi and a shower. I also noticed that it had everything a girl could need. As I walked into the closet again to find a pair o pejamas I noticed some of the clothes Alice had bought were already there. Somebody must have brought them here while we were on the throne room. I picked up a pair of pink shorts with black hearts on it and a white T-shirt. As I laid on the bed it occurred to me that my trip here was not going to be as bad as I thought it would and with that I fell into a very deep sleep. That night I dreamed of Alec and his red eyes.

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