The Music Club

Liam Payne, a school's outcast, is hoping to escape the social horrors of West Piers High School. Niall Horan, the school's chess captain, wants to be left alone. Zayn Malik, the school's rebel, wants his childhood back. Louis Tomlinson, the school's star athlete, wants the championship. Harry Styles, the school's rockstar, wants to sing all the way to stardom. But how can one little club come together without drawing attention to themselves?


2. two↠


The rest of the day went by just like the beginning, slow and boring. Louis didn't bother me at all today along with Niall. Yes at some points he did scowl the both of every now and then throughout the day but it seemed to not bother Niall and I.

"Liam!" A voice shouted further down the halls. My attention whipped to where the voice derived from.

Ambulating towards me in a group was Niall and one can assume the chess club. "Hey guys, whats up?" I asked the guys standing before me.

"Listen. I thought it through all day and well, I want you to-." "Join the chess club!" A boy with purple braces shouted over Niall's voice.

Niall glanced at him in annoyance. "Yeah." He sighed.

I looked at the boy who interrupted Niall from his sentence, then back at Niall. "You want me in the chess club?" I asked.

"Yes! It'd be awesome! You could be like our guardian or maybe even our bodygaurd! The way you stood up to Louis Tomlinson was awesome." The boy smiled.

I gave him a confused look. "That's Chester." Niall shrugged as if he was embarrassed by him.

"Hi." I greeted as I shook his hand.

Chester held out his pale freckled hand and gripped my hand. He dropped my hand and wiped his runny nose.

I didn't know how to answer them. The chess club? Really? I'm already the biggest outcast there is in a school and I can't sustain a reputation like that.

"I don't think I'll have the time for it lads." I lied , scratching the back of my neck.

They all remained in a quiet state of pure silence as they exchanged confused and flustered looks. "Not enough time? That's highly unlikely." Chester began.

"Chest, just shut up alright? You aren't the only one with a mouth you know." Niall snapped at Chester who put his hands up as if he was surrendering to the enemy.

"I understand. How about you just think it through tonight and tell me your verdict first thing? Ah- ite?" Niall grinned.

I raised my eyebrow at the smiling irish lad. He seems to be so sure of everyone, sort of like a happy-go -lucky guy. "Sure." I responded unsteady.

Niall bobbed his head as a farewell and blended away with his chess club as the walked down the hall. "Okay then." I muttered under my short breath.

I yanked my Geometry textbook out of my locker along with my gray sweatshirt that was completely drenched just this morning. I slid it over my Wolverhampton school jersey and flattened out the harsh wrinkles.

The late bell rung over the halls, mentally shoving students to their last period of the school day. I'm late again, what else is new?

I swung my locker closed and twisted the combination before pacing to class.

Trying to not draw attention to myself, I speed walk down the pattern tile hall towards Geometry with Mr. Greene. When I walk through the door, not a single face even looks up. That was how it usually happens.

Mr . Greene is taking a load off at his littered desk playing his computer keys like a piano. The students endured in coversation without interruption from Mr. Greene.

Pacing to the back of the classroom to my everyday desk, I drop my textbook on the surface of my desk. Not that I was anti-social, but I loved the back of the classroom for 3 worthy reasons.

First reason was Mr. Greene never ever calls on the students in the back, just the ones in the first, second, and third row. Second reason was that the heater is in the back in which is in reach of students. Third and final reason, you can fall asleep or go into your own zone and he will not notice, trust me I am very well experienced.

Not listening to a single word Mr. Greene began speaking, I open my textbook. My attention wondered around the room, finding any excuse to not look at Mr. Greene in the face.

Drumming his pencils next to me in his desk was non other than Harry Styles. He was reckoned to be a rockstar in the near future by the general public. Yet , he would go nowhere with the aggravating pencil drumming.

A let out an irritated sigh as I tapped my knuckles on my desk. "Hey, Payne. Lemme borrow a stick?" A boy with a jet black quiff questioned me, dragging me out of my thoughts .

"A what?" I asked him, unsure of his request. "A stick. Lemme borrow one man." He begged, flicking the tips of his long and narrow fingers signaling me to hand over whatever a stick was.

"What the hell is a stick exactly?" I ask him. "A pencil dumbass." He scoffed.

"Oh." I mumbled, digging into my pencil bag in search of a pencil.

The boy grunted looking forward at Mr . Greene who was distracted by another class mate. "C'mon!" He whined.

I found a dull yet decent pencil at the bottom of my crowded pencil bag. "Here." I said tossing over a pencil to the boy .

"Thanks lad." The boy spat.

"I'm sorry I didn't get you're name pal." I spoke to the boy with various tattoos drawn into his olive skin. "It's Zehn." He said, ignoring eye contact with me .

"Zayn?" I repeated him. "Yes ." He retorted back to me, distinctly annoyed with my non-stop questions.

"Oh . My name is Liam. Liam Payne." I informed him.

"Yeah, thats cool now shut up." Zayn instructed holding his hand up indicating me to stop talking .

I drifted through the rest of the period without letting a single word fly from my lips after the awkward encounter with Zayn. The bell rang and all of us students filed out one after another.

"Liam!" A voice shouted, ceasing me from walking to my locker

I turn around to see Zayn striding towards me with a long pencil in his fingers. "Here." He said, peeking over his shoulder as if he was being watched by the british army .

"Thanks Zayn." I grinned , happy he genuinely brought my pencil back to me .

"Yeah yeah , don't make a deal out if it." Zayn scoffed putting his hand in the pocket of his leather jacket .

"I wasn't going t-." He left before I could finish the rest of my sentence. I sighed and thrusted my pencil into my pocket.

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