The Music Club

Liam Payne, a school's outcast, is hoping to escape the social horrors of West Piers High School. Niall Horan, the school's chess captain, wants to be left alone. Zayn Malik, the school's rebel, wants his childhood back. Louis Tomlinson, the school's star athlete, wants the championship. Harry Styles, the school's rockstar, wants to sing all the way to stardom. But how can one little club come together without drawing attention to themselves?


3. three↠



I walked halfway down my regular route home and I already felt like it was the longest walk recorded. My tip of my dirty old converse jostle the pint-sized stones scattered along the burning pavement of the cement sidewalk.

It's to think just a few minutes ago it was still down pouring in the same fashion it was this morning. I stiffen the grasp that my hands have on my strap as I continue the long walk ahead of me.

"Xcuse me! Um...guy with the giant hole in his bag!" A voice echoed with berserk in their tone.

My gaze distorts backwards to notice a girl with long brown hair jogging towards me. "Can I help you?" I questioned her as she approached in front of me.

"You dropped your books." The girl giggled as she pointed to my homework dumped on the pavement.

"This day just gets better and better doesn't it." I grunt as I stack my books upon one another.

"Sorry to brighten up your day even more, but there is a montrous hole at the bottom of your bag." She snickered, slapping her hand over her mouth to prevent giggles escaping.


I slip my backpack off my tense shoulders and examine the nottom portion of my bag. Of course, she is right.

I groan in frustration as I begin to empty out my backpack to avoid anything else falling out. "I could help you take your stuff home." The girl smiled as she helped pick up my items spilt on the sidewalk.

"No it's fine, I got this." I lied as I struggled to keep the countless items in my arms.

"No it's my pleasure. You look like you've got a lot to carry." The girl told me with a heart warming smile plastered among her flawless features.

"Thanks. I would say your name but I don't know it." I said holding my hand out.

"My name is Valerie. But my friends call me Val, either one is fine by me." Valerie said as she shook my hand. "My name is Niall." I greeted as our hands departed from each other.

"Is your house far from here? I'll be the first to admit I'm not superwoman with carrying heavy stuff." Valerie chuckled clutching my books to her chest.

"Its on Stoughton Avenue." I informed her.

"Stoughton? Cool I live on that street." Valerie spoke blissfully. I nodded and chuckled as we both began walking towards our street.

"So what grade are you in?" I asked her. "I'm a sophomore, you're a junior right?" "Senior." She nodded and pursed her lips.

"That's right. Because you and the chess club helped make the drama club float for the parade." Valeria said.

The entire walk to Stoughton Avenue was quiet yet enjoyable. I tried my best to keep up with Valerie. I took into account that she was more coordinated in moving more effectively than I am and will ever be.

"Thanks again for helping me Valerie." I thanked as we walked to my front door.

"No problem. I was glad to help." She smiled and dispensed my homework into my hands.

Before Valerie could stride away, I stopped her by asking the most insane question I had ever asked a girl before. "Can I have your number?"

She spun around and grinned cheekily. "And why on earth would I do something like that?" She asked me, putting her hand on her right hip.

Why did I ask that so soon? What if she doesn't give it to me? What if she does! What if she laughs and walks away? What if she tells everyone at school tomorrow and I get teased for being captain dumb ass of the chess club that asked Valerie Baker for her number?

"Just in case I need an extra hand?" I srugged nervously.

Valerie just chuckled at my sluggish excuse. "Do have paper and a pen?" She asks, holding out her hand.

Without hesitation, I fish out a stack of yellow post-it notes and a paper mate pen from the side pocket of my now useless backpack. I hand it to her and she almost instantly scribbles down something. I'm mentally crossing my fingers its all seven digits.

Valerie hands me back my pen and post-it notes and folds the tiny slip of yellow paper. "Here you are." She grins and holds out the folded paper.

"Thanks." I smiled and shoved the slip of paper into the back pocket of my jeans.

Valerie returns the smile and hops off my porch. I watch her wonder down the sidewalk and then across the bare street to her house.

I smirk to myself and walk inside the quiet house. After school, its my house until 6:30 when my dad gets home from work. Greeting me immediately after I walk through the door is my Korat cat; Jess.

"Hey Jess." I greet, crouching down to pet her.

I stood back up and peeked through the curtains. I wanted to see if Val made it home or was atleast inside of her house.

With my focuse still outside the window, I snake my hand to my back pocket and pull out the small slip of paper Valerie had given me before she went home.

I unfold it with satisfaction and excitement, but all the air is let out of that satisfaction when I saw no digits and a small note written in girly hand writing.

Gotta do better than that Horan (;

Xoxo, Val♡

I sighed in exasperation and crumbled the piece of paper up then tossing it somewhere in the room. I never understand girls and most likely never will. They hurt my head with their little mind games and mixed signals. I guess I actually did this to myself because I asked it kind of soon. But still, their mixed signals can really set a guy off.

I spent my alone time cooped away in my bedroom with my guitar in hand, strumming Hey There Delilah. While strumming the chords of my guitar, I went over the course of the day in my head. Not much went on at school, I guess you could characterize my day as boring and dull. There wasn't really anything to anaylyze, except for my encounter with Valerie.

"Niall? You home bud?" A voice called out from downstairs. I set my guitar down at the end of my bed and jogged downstairs to meet my dad at the front door.

"Hey dad." I said walking into the kitchen.

"Hey Niall. Anything happen at school?" My dad asked me as he shook his arms free from the sleeves of his coat. "Nothing exciting in particular." I informed him as I poured myself fruit punch.

"Why do you always give me the same answer Niall?" He questioned in annoyance with my apparently continuous answer.

"Why do you always ask me the same question?" I chuckled as I closed the fridge.

My dad rolled his eyes and hung his coat up on the coat rack. "Get washed up for dinner, we're having chicken and mashed potatoes." My dad instructed as he went over to the sink to wash his hands.

I jogged back up the stairs and closed my bedroom door behind me.

"Chester, you square the hypotenuse . Not the slope." I groaned in sincere annoyance over the phone. Chester always calls me asking for help on a math problem.

"Oh. That does make a difference. I don't remember learning this at all." He grunted on the other end. "Ches, we learned it in like the 6th grade."

"Yeah yeah yeah, so. Are you gonna talk to Valerie tomorrow? Seems like she played you like a pro." Chester chuckled.

I glared to myself and clenched my jaw. "Maybe." I responded through gritted teeth.

"Chester! Dinners almost ready." A voice called in the background. "Okay! Gotta go Niall, see you tomorrow." Chester told me.

"See ya." I said and hung up.

By the time Chester and I ended the call, dinner was ready for me too. My dad called me downstairs to eat and I had no hesitation to sprint down the stairs.

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