The Music Club

Liam Payne, a school's outcast, is hoping to escape the social horrors of West Piers High School. Niall Horan, the school's chess captain, wants to be left alone. Zayn Malik, the school's rebel, wants his childhood back. Louis Tomlinson, the school's star athlete, wants the championship. Harry Styles, the school's rockstar, wants to sing all the way to stardom. But how can one little club come together without drawing attention to themselves?


4. four↠



Well, my scheme to talk toValerie completely blows up in my face when I figure out we're both acting stubborn and being flat out discordant to each other. It's almost as if we had never spoken a word to each other in our lives.

"Hey. Talked to Val yet Romeo?" Chester gasps coming over to me completely out of breath.

"What did you just do?" I asked him concerned. Chester sets his hand on his chest and gasps more. "I- I just walked- up the stairs to get here." He answeres, still out of breath.

I lookedat him for a split second before returning to get my books for my next class. "So did you talk to her yet?" Chester inquires as he leant up against the lockers beside me.

"No. We're both avoiding each other for some reason." I replied shaking my head.

Chester nodded and he breathing slowed down a little from his torturous stair climbing. "Do you think I should say something to her or wait for her to get to me?" I asked Chester as I shut my locker.

"Girls don't come to you if you want something from them Niall." Chester sighed shaking his head.

I lean against the lockers alongside of Chester. "When should I go to her? At lunch? Before lunch when no one is around? After school."

"When the time feels right, you'll know." Chester responded setting a hand on my shoulder.

I looked at him weirdly. "Will stop talking like a damn fortune cookie?" I spat walking away from him.

"Did the guy from yesterday ever come to you?" Chester asked catching up to me in the flooded hallway. "Haven't seen that guy at all today." I stated as I squeezed my way through people.

Chester trailed behind me like a baby duck following its mother. "Is he here?" Chester interrogated once we made it out if the crowded portion of the hall.

"Chester. I know just as much as you do alright? Although its not very much, I know as much as you do." I said sternly in sincere annyonce.

Chester seems to think I am some sort of book he can just look into for an answer and expect to see it right when he opens it. "Sorry I was just asking." Chester retorted sounding offended by my response toward him.

"Dude there she is!" I whispered excitedly when I saw Valerie standing by a friend's locker.

"Go talk to her now! Its now or never." Chester demanded as he shoved me like 10 feet.

Valerie glanced at me for a second before returning to her friend. I took a deep and steady breath. This was it.

"Val. Hey." I greeted awkwardly as I walked over to her and her friend. "Oh hey Niall." Valerie smiled.

Her friend smiled at me as well. "Well, I'm going to get to class." Her friend said with a wave and took off down the hall.

Valerie chuckled looking back at her then she looked back at me with her amber eyes. She pushed a piece if hair behind her ear as if she was waiting for me to say something.

"Um. About yesterday." I started but was cut off by a very obnoxious bell. "Yeah, you're gonna need to do better than a walk home to get my number Niall." Valerie smirked before striding to class.

And there I was. Standing alone in the subtracting hallway as students made their way into class. I was left late and feeling discarded. I don't know why I felt this way, maybe it was just the way Valerie had said it that made me feel that way.

Realizing that I was now the only one standing in the far-ranging hallway, I jaunt by myself to class. I was always one that took pleasure into going to class. Needless to say that is weird coming from a 17 year old school boy, class was actually a good opportunity for me to skim through life and the future I hope to persue sometime soon.

Liam resulted in not showing up today. I didn't want to be worried about him but I needed an answer whether he is in the chess club or not.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs scanning the students trudging down the sidewalk in front of the school. I was waiting for Brady, a chess club member, to pick me up.

The crisp air stung my nose and ears, creating a pinkish red color . I shiver at the bitter air and zip my sweatshirt further up my torso.

Brady pulled up to the curb within a short period. I sniffle my nose as I jog towards his jeep. "Think it took you long enough lad?" I grunted as I shut the passenger door once I'm settled in the thick leather seat of his car.

"I could just not drive you home." Brady chuckled putting the car in forward to pull out from the curb.

I drop my backpack on the floor of his car as he started driving down the road. "You know, if my car breaks down because my ass is in this car driving you everywhere, I'm blaming you. 100 percent." Brady sighes as he turns the corner of Emery Lane.

"Do you realize how cold it is outside? There's no chance I'm walking home."

We rode in silence for a few minutes until I spoke up. "There's Val." I said pointing to her from inside the glass.


"Valerie Baker." I repeated.

"Oh that girl? She's pretty smoking. You my friend have no chance at that." Brady smirked as his right thumb tapped the steering wheel slowly.

I looked over at him then backat Valerie. "Sure I do."

Brady peered at me before he laughed and shook his head. "Alright player." He joked.

"Thanks Brady." I said as I slung my backpack on my shoulder. "No problem bud, see you tomorrow. Hey, call Liam and ask him if he wants in on chess." Brady said before I closed the passenger door.

I nodded and jogged inside.

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